Rafed English


By : Mrs. Soheila Amiri


1 pound of fresh dates (those huge california dates taste %100 better).

1 cup of white powdered sugar.

1 can of shelled walnuts.

1 cup of cinammon.

1 cup of sesame seeds.


Roast the sesame seeds over the oven for a minute or so and set aside. Open the dates from one side only and stuff them with the walnuts. Make the cut as small as possible so that the date doesn't break in halves. Put half of a walnut per date. As you stuff the dates, place them in a flat oven dish in a round fashion (pick a nice dish, since it'll be served in the same one).

When one layer of dates is completed, sprinkle them freely with sesame seeds, powdered sugar and cinammon (in that order). Start another layer, sprinkle them in the same fashion until you run out of ingredients. Make the circles smaller as you work your way to the top. It makes it easier for people to pick and eat them, when the faithful moment arrives.

At last, place the dish in the oven (set at bake setting, say at 250 degrees) for a few minutes. The object is to just get them warmed up so that the ingredients stick to each other better. Take it out and serve it warm or cold.

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