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Ramadan in Palestine

Jerusalem: The Fragrance of History and the Guns of the Occupier

It is not an ordinary town; rather, a symbol of Islam and one of the most blessed patches on the earth. There we see many great and Holy sites that invoke the remote blessed days the town enjoyed under the Muslim rule.

Great was the way Muslims in that blessed city used to welcome and celebrate the month of Ramadan. Reciting Qur’an and playing drums were among the signs of happiness with the month. In addition, offering charity to the needy and the poor and offering food to them were among the traits of the residents of the Holy City.

This was the state of the city before the coming of the Strange Black Birds (The Occupier). Now, with a stone at hand a child of the city chants:

Khaibar is back and so near.

Muhammad is back and we are here.

Hurry brothers with no fear.

Victory is really great and dear.

Now, every child and youth is fighting the enemy and defending the honor and the blessed city. No time for joy, no time for play. The great joy will be when our blessed land is back and when our blessed mosque is restored.

The story of the Holy City will never end and its melody nourishes every heart and soul with hope and strength.

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