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Ramadan in Japan

A dialogue with the head of the Islamic center in Japan

Muslims of Japan share their brothers all over the Muslim world the happiness of receiving Ramadan. A dialogue conducted with the head of the Islamic center in Japan who spent about 25 years in the field of Islamic Da?wah (Call to Allah) concerning receiving Ramadan in Japan and how Muslims of Japan lead their life during this honorable month.

He stated that Muslims in Japan prepare themselves for receiving Ramadan long time before its coming. A permanent committee called "the Committee of Ramadan and the two Feasts" has been formed in the Islamic center for discussing preparation for Ramadan. The committee starts its work with sighting the new moon. Mostly, it is too overcast to be seen. In such case, we follow Malaysia, the nearest Islamic country to us. Then, when it’s confirmed that the new moon has been sighted, the center declares that to the public. The center takes on its shoulder answering questions of Japanese Muslims concerning the new moon, times of Prayers, Fasting, etc.

On this occasion, we always publish a calendar showing times of prayers and the approximate times for refraining from eating and drinking at dawn and breaking fast at sunset during Ramadan. The center distributes this calendar to mosques, and various Islamic gatherings and meetings all over Japan. Another calendars are distributed to restaurants that sell Halal (lawful) food. Obviously, the center as well as all the other Islamic gatherings makes the necessary preparations for receiving this blessed month properly. Working for Islam is activated during this month which is the best of months and one of the distinctive features of the Muslim Ummah.

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