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Ramadan in Bahrain

Ramadan is strictly observed in Bahrain and non-Muslims are expected to observe the rules of Ramadan in public. If you demonstrate culturally insensitive behaviour that offends, you could be arrested. Remember the following pointers:

  • Be aware that office hours will change and that late morning or in the evening after 8pm are the best times for business and shopping.
  • Avoid driving close to sunset, as people are anxious to get home for breaking the fast. Driving can be hazardous.
  • Eat, smoke, chew gum or drink anywhere in public (including your car) between sunrise and sunset.
  • Dance or sing in public at any time, even after sunset when cafe and restaurants are open.
  • Play loud music that might disturb your neighbours.
  • Wear tight or revealing clothes, or display physical affection (hugging, kissing) in public.

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