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Ramadan in Austria

There is about 150,000 Muslims of different nationalities in Austria; among them are Arab, Turkish and others. Exactly the case in Muslim countries, Muslims celebrate Ramadan by observing Islamic rites, like performing Taraweeh Prayer at about fifty mosques in Vienna and other Austrian cities. Muslims there also go to the mosques regularly to listen to religious lectures on Islamic jurisprudence, exegesis of the Qur’an and other sciences.

However, mosques differ in their way of celebrating Ramadan. As regard the Islamic Center in Vienna, established and funded by Muslim countries, services go on in full swing, as sermons are delivered and lectures given by a group of reverent Muslim scholars from Al-Azhar and other places, Taraweeh Prayers are performed regularly. Moreover, the center provides a breakfast for Muslims throughout the month.

There are also other Islamic centers and mosques financed by the Turkish community in Austria. Such centers provide Muslim communities in Austria with Islamic books, and they also provide meats and chicken slaughtered on the Islamic way.

The Egyptian club in Austria also plays a great role in gathering the Austrian-based Egyptians together during Ramadan for sehri. When Ramadan ends, all Muslim communities gather in the Islamic center to celebrate ?Eid after performing ?Eid Prayer. Such celebration is a special occasions for Muslims there to get together in the atmosphere of love and brotherliness.

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