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Qubaysa bin Rabi'a al-'Abasi

Some historian have called Qubaysa b. Dubay'a. He was the brave man who decided to resist the Umayads with his weapon and his people. However, the commander of the police gave him security over his blood and his poperty. So he put his hand in their hands depending on security covenant which the Arabs before and after Islam followed. Hweover, it seems that the Umayyads abandoned the Arabic and the Islamic morals or that they understood that such morals were mere means for victory and violence.

Accordingly, (Qubaysa) b. Duby'a al-Abasi was broght before Zyyad who said to him: By Allah, I will do (something) for you to distract you from creating discords and revolting against the governors." Qubaysa said: "I have come to you according to the security covenant." "Take him to prison, said, Zyyad.

Then Qubaysa was among the shackled persons who were driven to death because of patience. In this connection the tradition says: "Whoever gives security to a man over his blood and kills him, therefore I (ie, the Prophet) renounce the killer even if the killed one is unbeliever."1

Before the police men took the prisoners (ie, Hijr and his companions), they had passed by Qubaysa's house. Qubaysa saw his daughters looking at him and weeping over him. So he said to the two police men (ie, Wa'il and Kuthayr): "Permit me to recommend my family. When he approached his daughters who were weeping, he kept silent for an hour, and then he said to them:

"Be silent." So they kept silent. Then he said to them: "Fear Allah, the Great and Almighty. Be patient. Indeed I hope that Allah, my Lord, will grant me one of the two good things during this going of mine: either martyrdom that is happiness or coming back to you in good conditon. It is Allah, the Most High, Who gives you your provisions. He is Living, and never dies. I hope that He will not leave you. Rather I hope that He will protect me for you." Then Qubaysa went away.

The hopeless family spent that night weeping and praying, as Mu'awiya wanted. There were then many daughters similar to Dubaya's ones in tradegy.

Al-Tabari said: "Qubaysa b. Dubay'a fell into the hands of Abu Sharif al-Baddi. So Qubaysa said to him: Indeed there is no evil between my people and your people. Thus let other than you kill me, Abu Sharif said: kinship is obedient to you. Then al-Quda'i killed Qubaysa.

1. Ahmad Shahab al-Din al-Asqalani, al-Isaba fi Tamyiz al-Sahaba, vol.4, p.294.

Adopted from the book: "Sulh al-Hasan (a.s.)" by: "Sheykh Radi al-Yasin"

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