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Prohibited acts in Ihraam

01. Hunting: Remember that hunting within the sacred area around and in Makkah, known as the Haram, is always forbidden. It is not confined to Ihraam. When in Ihraam, hunting anywhere else is also forbidden. You are allowed to kill scorpions, pythons, poisonous snakes and rats. If one is attacked by a wild animal it is allowed to kill it. You are allowed to fishing or slaughter domestic fowls such as goats, sheep, camels, etc.


The kaffara (expiation) for killing an ostrich is a camel, a wild cow a cow, a deer or rabbit a sheep. There is expiation of a sheep also for killing a fox as a matter of precaution (Ihtiyat).


02. Sexual intercourse: Sexual intercourse, or any acts of courtship, which would arouse sexual desire, is forbidden. Even lustful glance at ones own wife or husband or any other lady or man who is Na-Mahram is forbidden. The expiation is one camel or a cow or a sheep in that order of affordability.


03. Masturbation: To masturbate in any form, this includes all methods of self-abuse. It has the same precept as sexual intercourse. If it is done in the state of Ihraam for Hajj-e-Tamattu before staying in Mashar (Muz-dalifa), the Hajj becomes null and void. All the required rituals must be completed and the Hajj must be repeated the following year. But if it is because of looking at or imagining a woman, although the expiation is as stated above, the Hajj or Umrah remains valid, but observing precaution is better, i.e. it is Ihtiyat to repeat the Hajj the following year.


04. Kissing: Kissing one's wife or any other woman with lust and semen is discharged; the expiation is one camel that has completed 5 years. If it is done without lust the expiation is one sheep.


05. Touching: Touching one's wife or any other woman with lust, the expiation is one sheep. If it is without lust then there is no expiation.


06. Romancing: Romancing with one's wife or any other woman as a result of which if semen is discharged the expiation is one camel that has completed five years. Likewise, for looking at a strange woman with or without lust as a result of which semen is discharged the expiation is a camel that has completed five years, if he is rich, a cow if he is middle class, a sheep if he is poor.


07. Marriage contract (Nikah): To read Nikah for himself or for others regardless of whether the other person is in Ihraam or not. This applies to Muta'a as well. While in all cases the Nikah is batil, the expiation is Ihtiyatan (precautionary) one sheep. To become witness to somebody's Nikah is also forbidden.


08. Un-desired smell or odor: To close ones nose or nostrils from bad smell or odor is not allowed. The expiation of doing so is one sheep. However, there is no objection if one hastily passes away from the unpleasant odor.


09. Perfumes: To use perfume or apply it on ones clothes. Perfumes like Saffron, Camphor, Cloves, Cardamom, Amber and all their uses are forbidden. Eating and drinking sweet smelling food or fruits like apples etc. is allowed but it is essential to avoid smelling when eating or drinking them. As a result of such willful action an expiation of one sheep becomes due. There is no objection to smelling natural sweet smell coming from the Kaaba.


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