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I wrote an email to you concerning the cleanliness (tat-heer) or filthliness  (najis) of ahlul kitab, and I havent received any answer yet. I fear that  you did not receive it. But my questions were as follows:

1. are the Christians of the time consideahlul kitab?

2. or are they considered Mushriks (polytheists) because they say the Jesus  is the son of god, or they say he is god or they say that he is one in three persons of god.   are they considered mushriks because of anyone or all of the above   statements.

3. if yes or no are they clean.

4. is it permissible to eat their food (non meats)?

5. is it permissible to marry (mut'a) with their women?

Please answer the above questions according to Ayatullah Seestani.  he says in his risalah that it is not improbable that they are clean, does  he also include those christian who say that Jesus is the son of god, or god  or one in three. if so please or not, please make the matter clear.  thank you in advance for your troubles and may Allah protect you and all our scholars from any type of harm.


In Taudhihul Masaael of Sayyid Seestani it is  writen that a person from Ahlul Kitab is  clean  so, it is permissible to have their food unless we are sure that   the food is najis, and, it is permissible to marry a Christian woman a temporary marriage.

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