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Preparing the return of the 12th Imam from the viewpoint of economy

If we want o prepare the return of the 12th Imam also in economical fields, we have to understand the system of Imam Mahdi (a.), and we have to treat his real representative as he would be the 12th Imam himself. The realized system of Welayet-e-Faqih in the only existing Islamic System, the hope, that this system will increase Islamic values inside the country and being a model for all other Muslims is unique since 1400 years. Never before we had a system, in which the hope of the awaited return is as high as in our time. So let us have a short look at Imam Khamene'is words about the economical system and situation.

In a news about the situation of teachers IRNA wrote:

"Economic improvement is the key to the problems of all labourers, teachers and people, said the Supreme leader adding that control of inflation, boosting national currency, preventing unnecessary expenses, administering justice and removal of discrimination can help improve people\'s living conditions." (30th April 2003)

And here some further words.

"Thus it has managed to prove to Muslim nations that a system based on Islamic principles is practical. Besides, in view of its daily progress in various political, cultural, scientific, social and economic fields it has attracted the attention of the educational elite, youth and the world Muslims," (21st September 2004)

"Imam Khamene´i said that campaign against economic corruption and injustice is a difficult job, but full of blessing because if people feel campaign against discrimination and injustice they will tolerate all problems and hardships."(10th September 2004)

And on 28th August 2006, exactly one year ago, Imam Khamene'i held a speech about economics. Imam Khamene'i said the government is expected to take maximum advantage of the exceptional political and economic situation to attain its goals especially the action plan in line with Article 44 of the Constitution. He has forwarded an action plan to the legislature, the executive branch and the judiciary to enforce Article 44 of the Constitution which calls for major privatization program and ceding shares of the state-run enterprises to people through the Stock Exchange.

Some of Imam Khamen'is advice has been applied already, others will be implemented in future inshaallah. To remember Article 44:

"The economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to consist of three sectors: state, cooperative, and private, and is to be based on systematic and sound planning. The state sector is to include all large-scale and mother industries, foreign trade, major minerals, banking, insurance, power generation, dams and large-scale irrigation networks, radio and television, post, telegraph and telephone services, aviation, shipping, roads, railroads and the like; all these will be publicly owned and administered by the State.

The cooperative sector is to include cooperative companies and enterprises concerned with production and distribution, in urban and rural areas, in accordance with Islamic criteria. The private sector consists of those activities concerned with agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, trade, and services that supplement the economic activities of the state and cooperative sectors.

Ownership in each of these three sectors is protected by the laws of the Islamic Republic, in so far as this ownership is in conformity with the other articles of this chapter, does not go beyond the bounds of Islamic law, contributes to the economic growth and progress of the country, and does not harm society. The [precise] scope of each of these sectors, as well as the regulations and conditions governing their operation, will be specified by law."

Every step on the way to realize these ideals means a step on the way for preparing the return of the 12th Imam - may he come soon. If we treat Imam Khamene'i as the real representative of the 12th Imam, if we understand, that His Eminence is the Holiness of our time, we can accelerate the awaited return. But as long, as we do not apply his advices also in economical fields, we have to wait. And it will be in our responsibility that the waiting time increases.

Bright future

The economical system of the western world seams to be strong and insuperable. But this is only the appearance. In reality their economical system based on insures and debts has reached its limits and even western intellectuals discuss about an awaited crash. The so called "clash of cultures" and the "war against terrorism" are only measures to extend the live period of the western economical system.

But are we ready to start with an alternative? How ready is our Islamic banking system? Muslims all over the world ask for Islamic funds and Islamic accounts. Are we ready to fulfil these requirements? Have we already started with the Islamic banking system inside the country and have build branches outside to bind Muslims all over the world to the Islamic system? Will it not be an ideal implementation of the recent years motto: "National unity and Islamic solidaritiy", which Imam Khamene'i has announced. Are we not bound to fulfil the announced motto of the year also in the field of economy? And is this great work not a work of us all, and not only of the government?

And what about other fields of halal economy? Has Iran implemented a system to test all imported food according to its halal ingredients? If so, how can that system be internationalized? If not, what can we do to realize this?

Based on a halal economy, based on the Islamic alternative, which the intellectuals of the Islamic state and all Muslim thinkers all over the world have to prepare a bright future can be introduced, and accelerate the return of the 12th Imam inshaallah.

The western world has shown, how they are able to develop the whole world into a chaos of injustice with money they do not passes. Muslims should be able to bring justice into the world with own values, with own material possibilities and with the idealistically active youth. And preparing such a system will inshaallah lead to the awaited return of the 12th Imam, who will establish the Salawat-Economy. And this will lead to lots of Salawat among all believers, and all mankind will benefit from it and will love to say Salawat: Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa aali Muhammad.

Adapted from the book: "Universality of the Mahdi's Mission" by: "Mahdawiat.com"

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