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Examples of specific Islamic economy

Since the existence of mankind, we never have seen a time, where the whole mankind has been provided inside a worldwide economy. There have been always lots of poor starving and dying of thirst, and on the other hand extreme rich people, who did not help the poor. This is one aspect of the story of Cain and Abel.

It is also the story of Moses and Pharaoh. The same story exists in the time of our Prophet in Mecca, when the poor have not been provided or even helped by the Sufyanis. The story remained through all the Islamic history from Umayyads over Abbasids and all the dynasties ruling in the several parts of Muslim world. In our today's world every single day about 30.000 people die in average, because they have not enough to eat or no clean water to drink.

So we have no comprehensive example, neither in history nor today, for the awaited time of the Salawat-System. But nevertheless there are some exemplary events, which can give an idea of such an economy.

In Islamic history an event about a necklace of the blessed Fatima-tu-Zahra (a.) is known very well, which she gave to a poor man. The necklace on its way gave food and clothes to a poor, freed a slave and performed several other blessed things before returning to its owner Fatima (a.). Although she had "spent" the necklace, she received it back without any further payment and the necklace on its return way fulfilled several other "payments", like freeing a slave.

Another example is known from the time of Imam Hussain (a.). A few days before the battle of Kerbela, Imam Hussain (a.) gave water to Hurr al-Riyahi and his companions. This water freed Hurr from his jails of falsehood and returned to the Imam (a.) in the hands of Sukayna, who got the water from Hurr's wife at the evening after Aschoora. Imam Hussain had left this world, but the water he gave, came back to him.

These two examples show that the economy of truth works within other principles than our today's economy. Nevertheless it is possible, that even today's economical situation can give signs according to a future of just economy. Today's economy work with money. Any economical work without money seems to be not thinkable. To understand this aspect, at first it has to be asked, what money is?

Adapted from the book: "Universality of the Mahdi's Mission" by: "Mahdawiat.com"

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