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Prayer of the tawaaf

351. The third rite of the Tamattu Umrah is Salaat al-tawaaf or the tawaaf Prayer. The prayer should be performed by or behind Maqaam Ibrahim peace by upon him, which is a rock on which is the footprint of the prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him. The prayer can be performed behind the Maqaam up to the furthest point of the Mosque, as it is commonly accepted. The prayer is of two rakah, just like the Fajr prayer, and one has the option of reading it silently or audibly. As a precaution the prayer should be performed after the tawaaf immediately, as accepted by common definition.
352. The performance of the prayer [of tawaaf] is to be by the Maqaam on either side, or behind it up to the furthest point of the Mosque, and if this was not possible, he could perform the prayer anywhere in Masgid al-Haraam he wished. This is for the case of obligatory tawaaf. However, in the case of an initially mostahab tawaaf, he has the option of performing prayer [of the tawaaf] anywhere in the Mosque he wished, in general, i.e. whether or not he is compelled, [e.g. due to overcrowding], although as a mostahab precaution he should do so only when compelled.
353. The nagis things that are disregarded for the obligatory prayers, are also ignored for the tawaaf prayer.
354. If one forgot to perform the prayer of the tawaaf, it is obligatory upon him to do so whenever he remembers it. It is not mandatory for him to perform the Sa y again. This is applicable if he was still in Makkah. If however, he did not remember it until he left Makkah, he should perform it wherever he remembers, although it is recommended that he returns [to Makkah] to perform it by the Maqaam, if this does not constitute hardship for him. If the person dies before performing the prayer, it is obligatory upon his wali: oldest son/heir to perform it, just like all of his other prayers.
355. If one deliberately abandons the tawaaf prayer, the rest of the rites that he is liable to are correct, and remains liable to performing that prayer, like the one who had forgotten to do so.
356. It is permitted to perform the tawaaf prayer in congregation (Jamaaah). If he wished to perform two tawaaf's, he should perform the prayer after each tawaaf, and it is discouraged makruh to perform two tawaaf's consecutively and then perform two prayers for the two tawaaf's.

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