Rafed English

Poem For Imam Mahdi (as)

In The Anticipation Of The Dawn

You are called 'The Hidden Imam' because
you are out of sight, not that you are not present,
Being hidden, in the sense that one is not present,
is an unjust calumny. Those who believe in
it fail to see the difference between Advent and

Your arrival, for which we are ardently waiting,
refers to your advent, not your presence.
Your advent will be a great marvellous occurance,
because your devout lovers have felt the
very pleasure of the long-awaited Imam (as),
On Fridays, they long for your arrival more
restlessly, and face the Quibla to humbly supplicate
the Author of the universe for His favor to
allow your advent come to pass soon.

And now, we, for whom you are the object of
love and devoutness and the torch for our noctural
mystic travelling, hum and hymm for waiting
for your advent.


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