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Pinpointing the Nasibi founding forefathers

Whilst defining a Nasibi the pen of the Ahl'ul Sunnah Ulema has been somewhat reluctant to pinpoint where Nasibis existed in history and who their Imams were.

Al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz makes two interesting comments in his "Haddeeya Mujedeeya": "One who fights 'Ali [r] with enmity is a kaafir according to the ijma of Ahl'ul Sunnah." "Haddeeya Mujedeeya" by Al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi page 813

"Whoever deems 'Ali [r] to be a kaafir or opposes his khilafath is a kaafir, this trait was evident amongst the Khawaarij at Naharwaan".

"Haddeeya Mujedeeya" by Al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlavi page 813

On the same page Shah Abdul Aziz seeks to protect Mu'awiya by pointing out that Mu'awiya does NOT come within this definition since:

"Mu'awiya and the people of Syria sought revenge for the killing of Uthman".

Unfortunately Shah's efforts to protect Mu'awiya and his supporters are in vain because it is an established fact that Mu'awiya and his clansmen:

Opposed the khilafath of Imam Ali (as)
Bore enmity to Imam Ali (as) by cursing him
Fought him

All of these points have been discussed at length in our refutation of Ansar's defence of Mu'awiya.

Hence we have pinpointed those that first wore the Nasibi garb, now let us delve further.

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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