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Defining a Nasibi

For an introduction to the literal meaning of Nasibi we have relied on the definitions stipulated by several recognised Ahl'ul Sunnah scholars:

"Famhuus" page 53, Chapter "Al Ba".

"Taj al Uroous page 277, Volume 4 Chapter "Al Ba Murtazi al Zubaydi".

"Lisan al Arab" page 762, by Ibn Manzur.

"Hadiya al Sahil ay adalta al Masail" page 96.

"Tadhrib al Radhi" page 311 Allamah Jalaladeen as-Suyuti.

"Akrab al Muwarid" page 2 Chapter "Lananat Nusub".

In "Lisan al Arab" by Ibn Manzur states:
"Nawasib are those who hate Hadhrath Ali, and embrace that hatred as part of their faith" May Allah's curse be upon such people!

In "Taj al Uroous", we read:

"Nasibi are those who hate Ameer ul Momineen Ali bin Abi Talib (as) and take that enmity as part of their faith".

"Tadhrib al Radhi" provides the following definition:

"Nasibi ideology means hating Ali and preferring Mu'awiya".

"Hadiya al Sahil" elaborates yet further:

"Nasibi ideology is a type of flawed character that is very bad, in its worst form is has a hatred for the Imam of Guidance Hadhrath Ali, and takes this as part of its Deen / Iman". Note that we have proven the definition by faithfully translating the works of Ahl'ul Sunnah and we invite our Sunni brothers and sisters to ponder. Do not be fooled by these long beards because among these are the enemies of Imam 'Ali (as). Their enmity is evident from their speeches, but is disguised in such a way that the ordinary man would not recognise it. Their methodology is just like that of hypocrites. They read the Kalima with their tongues but their hearts are polluted with hatred and the proof is their animosity towards Hadhrath 'Ali (as). Just like a bad foot odour they carry the stench of Nasibi thought everywhere they go - seeking to deceive the majority by proclaiming that this is the correct faith of Ahl'ul Sunnah wa al Jamaa.

To recognise the Nasibi let us investigate the matter further.

Adapted from: "Devils Deception of the Nasibi Wahabis"

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