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Patience of Abbas (a.s.)

On the day of Ashura, al-Abbas had to encounter unspeakable crises. Nevertheless, he did not show any item of intolerance or worry and did not utter any single word of resentment. On the contrary, he provided the whole matter to his Lord the Most High and copied his brother, al-Hussein (a), whose patience was as heavy as unshakable mountains.

Al-Abbas saw the companions of his brother melted by the sun on the dust of Karbala, heard the weeping of the children out of their thirst and heard the moaning of the harem who were mourning for their men, and saw the loneliness of his brother who were encircled by the meanest enemies, intending to kill him so as to 'win' the prize of the governor of Kufa. In the midst of all these crises, al-Abbas submitted to his Lord completely without showing any weakness.

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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