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Not Recommended Times of Conception

It is important to note that many of the times mentioned in this section are similar to those outlined in the Sexual Etiquette section, with the addition of how it affects the conceived child.

Haram times

1. During the woman’s menstruation, even on the last day, until the last drop of blood. Pregnancy is still possible, and a child conceived will be troubled with phagedenic ulcers and leprosy. 130 It is also narrated from Ima-m as-Sa-diq (as): “There is no enemy to us, Ahlul Bayt, except one who is illegitimate and one who was conceived during haydh.” 131

It is important to also keep in mind the other hara-m acts during normal sexual etiquette (as mentioned in Chapter 2: Sexual Etiquette). These are:

1. During Nifa-s.
2. During fasting in the month of Ramada-n.
3. During the state of ihra-m.
4. When it may cause serious harm to either husband or wife.

Makruh times

1. Between Subh as-Sa-diq (as) (Adha-n of Sala-t al-Fajr) and sunrise. 132
2. Between sunset until the redness of the sky has gone. 133
3. The night of a lunar eclipse. 134
4. The day of a solar eclipse. 135
5. At the time of an earthquake (or other events necessitating Sala-t al-Aya-t). 136

If a child is conceived in the above times the parents will not see any qualities that they like in their child, because they did not consider these signs of Alla-h (swt) as important. 137

6. On the first of the month (with the exception of the 1st of Ramada-n, where it is Mustahab), the middle of the month (full moon) and the end of the month (when there is no moon), as it will become a cause of insanity, black leprosy and paralysis of the mother and child. 138 Another tradition relates that conception at the beginning and middle of the month results in insanity and the child being possessed by Jinn 139, and conception at the end of the month increases the likelihood of miscarriage. 140 7. After Zuhr (until around the time of ‘Asr), as this results in the child being squint-eyed. 141 8. Between Adha-n and Iqa-mah, as this results in the child being greedy to kill. 142 9. The night of ‘Eid al-Fitr, as this results in the child being the source of evil. 143 10. The night of ‘Eid al-Adha-, as this results in the child having 6 or 4 fingers. 144 11. The night of 15th Sha‘ba-n, as this results in the inauspiciousness of the child, and a black mark on his/her face. 145 12. The last day of the month of Sha‘ba-n, as this results in the child’s being a helper and tax-collector for oppressors. 146 13. ‘Ashu-ra- night.


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Adapted from the book: "From Marriage to Parenthood; The Heavenly Path" by: "Abbas and Shahin Merali"

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