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Nicknames of Abbas (a.s.)

Al-Abbas was called Abu'l-Fadhl (father -or owner- of virtue). Some mentioned that he had a son called al-Fadhl. 52 As a matter of fact, this name represents his personality completely, because he was the owner, leader, and source of virtue. In his life, he was so openhanded-he used to distribute his virtue and charity on everyone who directed to him. After martyrdom, he is the shelter and refuge of everyone who seeks his help. Most surely, God will relieve him who directs to Him and implores to Him by using Abu'l-Fadhl as his means and interceder. Because of its commonness, this fact is undeniable.

Al-Abbas was also called Abu-Qirba (the owner of the skin of water) because he carried water to the harem of Imam al-Hussein (a) during the battle of at-Taff.

He was also called Abu'l-Qasim. This name, however, is not common among historians some of whom have mentioned that al-Abbas had a son called al-Qasim and was martyred during the battle of at-Taff. Jabir al-Ansari addressed to al-Abbas during the Ziyara of al-Arbaeen: 53

"Salaam be upon you, Abu'l-Qasim. Salaam be upon you, al-Abbas ibn Ali."

Undoubtedly, Jabir was that great personality who spent much of his time in the house of prophecy and Imamate; therefore, he was more knowledgeable than others in the secrets, affairs, and news of this holy house.54


52. See Sirr us-Salsala, Umdat ut-Talib; 356, and Maqatil ut-Talibiyyin; 84.

53. Ziyara is the words and practices said and done during the pilgrimage to the shrines of the prophets, Imams, and saints. Ziyara of al-Arbaeen is the first visit of Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari to the tomb of Imam al-Hussein (a) forty (Arbaeen) days after his martyrdom.

54. Al-Abbas also had other nicknames, such as Ibn-ul-Badawiyya (son of the Bedouin lady), Abu-Furja (source of relief), and Abush-Shara (owner of charisma).

Adopted from the book : "Al-Abbas"

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