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New Moms - A Few Useful Household Cleaning Tips

by : Edna Melendez

New moms are very busy people, indeed they are. I remember when I was a new mom with a baby girl, I could never find time to clean the house. And after that came twin boys so imagine the lack of time to do house cleaning.

I hope these tips help you save time and make your life as a new mom a lot easier.

New Moms have to look after the new child, work and prepare for meals. Added to this is the need for
them to maintain a very neat and tidy home.

For a new mom to be able to get all these feats in less time and with less effort, it pays to learn a few
house cleaning tips which will work in every home situation.

During cleaning, it pays to clean the upper part of an object before the lower one, else you will have to clean what you just cleaned all over again.

It is suggested to finish each activity before you go the next one. When you approach work this way, you have the opportunity to assess what you have just done and determine whether it needs to be done again or not. Again, finishing one job before moving on to the next one will ensure that you do
not leave any work unfinished totally.

Save on time. Whilst the dishwasher is cleaning the plates, you can be wiping the window sills so that no time is wasted.

Dusting should be done with extra care. Avoid using dry dusters for they leave fibers on the objects they clean.

It works best to use moist cloth as they trap the dust into the cloth. These days there are even
electrostatically-charged cleaning cloths which will keep the dust to the cloth and prevent it
from swirling in the air.

If you are buying mops, try to get one with a squeezer so you can always draw the water comfortably after a mop.

It is also advisable to get a graduated mop so you can easily measure the detergent ratios in the bucket.
Keep brooms in their holders. Don't let them stand on the brushes as that will destroy the shape of the
bristles and make them difficult to sweep with.

These Household Cleaning Tips will ensure that you give that beautiful shine to your home. A new mom will find these tips useful as they will help to cut down on time, do multiple activities at the same time and use the time saved to look after their child.

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