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Nafe'e bin Hilal

Nafe’ bin Hilal was amongst the bravest soldiers in Imam’s army. He had carved his name on the tip of every arrow he carried.

On the day of ‘Ashura, each time he released one of his arrows he would say: “I throw the arrow whose tips tell my name ...”

After all the arrows were used up, he fought with a sword killing 12 of the enemy soldiers.

Finally, he was surrounded and his hands were cut off. He was brought by Shimr to Umar bin Sa’d who said: “Woe unto you, O Nafe’! Why did you not pity yourself?”

Nafe’ replied : “Allah knows that I do not at all repent having fought against you and if my hands were still with me, none would have been able to apprehend me.”

Shimr said: “Ibn Sa’d! Kill him”

Umar Sa’d replied;

“You brought him so you put his life to an end!”

As Shimr raised his sword to behead him, Nafe’ said:

“By Allah! If you were a Muslim, you would have found it difficult to justify spilling our blood on the day of reckoning. But praise be to Him! Our death is caused by the worst of His creatures.”

Shimr killed him. Nafe is famous for his meaningful statement he said to Imam before he parted to go to the battlefield:

“We love those who love you, and hate those who hate you; based on our firm determination, weighed wisdom and calculated insight.”

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