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Muslim bin Aqil (A.S.)

Muslim bin Aqil (A.S.)

When Imam Husein (AS) left Madina on 28 Rajab 60 AH for Makkah (for his final journey towards Karbala), H. Muslim (his cousin), also accompanied him with his wife and children. They arrived in Makkah on 3 Shabaan 60 AH.

During Imam Husein's stay in Makkah, Imam (AS) received invitation from Kufa, to go there and lead and guide them toward real Islam - Islam which was introduced by the Holy Prophet (SAW). Imam (AS) decided to send H. Muslim as his emissary, as his representative, with a mandate to go and check the situation of Kufa and make arrangements for Imam's arrival.

H. Muslim left Makkah with his 2 sons, H. Muhamad and H. Ibrahim and arrived in Kufa towards the end of 60 A.H. He was welcomed by multitudes and the whole atmosphere seemed congenial for Imam's arrival. H. Muslim wrote to Imam Husein (AS) and invited him to proceed towards Kufa. However, when the ruler of the time, Yazid came to know about this, he immediately dispatched Ibne Ziyad, his trusted advisor and commander of the army, to Kufa, to capture H. Muslim and in the event of worsening situation, to kill him.

Ibne Ziyad tried to capture H. Muslim. There was a ferocious battle - H. Muslim on one side, all alone, and over 500 soldiers on the other side, who were fully armed. Kufa had never seen such a battle before - single handed H. Muslim defeated the army of 500. More troops were called and it was decided that it will be impossible to capture H. Muslim unless he is tricked. A pit was dug and covered with leaves. While fighting, H. Muslim fell into the pit and was captured.

He was mercilessly killed on 9 Dhu al Hijjah, 60 AH, the day when Muslims were getting ready to celebrate the festivities of Eid al Hajj. Thus he became the first martyr of the epic battle of Karbala. He is buried in Kufa and thousands of people go annually to visit his grave and pay their respect.

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