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Musab al-Khair - Part 2

The Return

The polytheists wanted to make peace with our Master Muhammad [s], for Islam spread quickly.

For example, Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib became Muslim because Abu Jahal mistreated the Prophet [s]. Then Umar bin al-Khattab, the bitter enemy of Islam, became Muslim, too. For this reason, the Muslims were certain of their big power.

During that time, the Emperor welcomed the Muslim immigrants to his country. So, his people revolted against him.

The Muslims thought of coming back to Makkah so as not to put al-Najashy in a critical situation. In the meantime, they heard about the truce between the Muslims and the polytheists.

After three months in Habasha, the Muslims decided to come back to Makkah. The Muslims were seen off by the Habashian people. They were pleased with the emperor. So, they wished him victory over his enemies. Before the Muslims reached Makkah, they had heard bad news. The news was that the Quraish were still unjust. They went on persecuting and torturing the Muslims.

Thus, the immigrants had two choices - either going back to al-Habasha or entering Makkah and suffering torture. Some immigrants preferred going to al-Habasha, and some preferred entering Makkah.

Mus'ab preferred entering Makkah and suffering torture.

Mus'ab went home to know his mother's opinion. His mother was still stubborn. She tried to imprison him again, but he left the house. His eyes were filled with tears.

Mus'ab wanted his mother to become a Muslim. He wanted her to open her eyes to see the light of faith. But her final answer was: I don't want the people to say that I've preferred my son's religion to my father's one.

A Meeting in Makkah

Our Master Muhammad [s] was waiting for the time of Hajj (pilgrimage) to invite the pilgrims to Islam. Six persons from Yathrib came to Makkah. The Prophet [s] asked them: Where are you from?

They answered: We're from Yathrib. We belong to al-Khazraj tribe.

Our Master Muhammad [s] said to them: Are you supporters of the Jew?


The Prophet [s] sat down with them. He read them some verses of the Qur'an and invited them to Islam.

The people of Yathrib heard from the Jews that a prophet would appear very soon. For this reason, they said to each other: By Allah, he's the Prophet whom the Jews have given good news about.

Immediately, they became Muslims and said: The enmity between the tribe of al-Aws and the tribe of al-Khazraj is very intense - may Allah bring them together through you!

They went to Yathrib and began inviting its people to Muhammad's religion.

Al-Akaba First Homage

When the time of Hajj started, twelve persons from Yathrib came and met the Prophet [s] in a place called al-Akaba. The twelve persons promised him that they would not be polytheists, not steal, not fornicate, not kill their daughters and not tell lies.

The First Immigrant

The Muslims in Habasha asked our Master Muhammad [s] to send them a man to teach Islam.

Our Master Muhammad [s] found Mus'ab the best man to carry out that task. Therefore, he ordered him to get ready to immigrate to al-Habasha.

Mus'ab bin Umair obeyed the Prophet [s] and went with his Muslim brothers to al-Habasha.

Thus, Mus'ab was the first to immigrate to Habasha for Allah. He stayed with Saad bin Zarara, who was among the earlier Muslims.

Days passed. Mus'ab was with his Muslim brothers teaching them Islam and reading them the Qur'an.

The Spread of Islam

Saad bin Zarara wanted to spread Islam all over Makkah. He asked Mus'ab to go with him to Bani al-Ashal's and Bani Zafar's houses.

Saad bin Maadh and Usaid bin Khuzair were Bani al-Ashal's leaders. They were polytheists.

Saad bin Maadh said to Uzair bin Khuzair: Go and scold those two men! Then dismiss them from our houses. Saad bin Zarara is my cousin. I'm shy of him.

Usaid bin Khuzair took his sword and headed for them. There were a group of people from Yathrib around them. They were listening to the verses of the Qur'an.

Saad bin Zarara saw Usaid coming towards them. He said to Mus'ab: This is Usaid. He's the chief of the tribe. If he becomes Muslim, his tribe will become Muslim, too.

Usaid stopped near them. He said threateningly: If you like life, then go away!

Mus'ab politely answered: Please sit down for only a few minutes. Do listen to what we're reading. If you don't accept it, we'll go away.

Usaid said: You have treated me with justice.

Usaid rammed his sword into the ground and sat down.

Mus'ab began reading some verses of the Holy Qur'an. Usaid felt faith began entering his heart.

His expression changed quickly. His anger disappeared. So, he said with a smile: How sweet this is!

Mus'ab said: It's the best religion. The truthful, trustworthy Prophet has brought it.

Usaid said: What shall I do if I want to be a Muslim.

Mus'ab said: Wash your body, perform the ritual ablution, say I confess that there's no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Apostle and His slave. Then pray two Raka'as.

Usaid got up and went home. He washed his body, performed the ritual ablution, came back to them and became Muslim. Then he said: There's a man, who is my friend. If he becomes a Muslim, all his tribe will become Muslims, too. I'll send him to you.

Saad bin Maadh becomes Muslim

Usaid came back to his friend Saad. When Saad bin Maadh saw him in the distance, he said to his friends: By Allah, Usaid has come to you with another face.

Namely, Usaid has changed.

Saad said to Usaid: What have you done?

Usaid said: I ordered them to go away.

They said: "We'll do what you like."

Saad said Where are they now?

Usaid said: At their place.

Saad said angrily: You haven't done anything!

Saad stood up, took the sword from Usaid and headed for Mus'ab bin Umair.

When he arrived there, he cried stormily: By whose permission have you come here?

Mus'ab smiled. He asked him to sit down and to listen. Then he said: If our words annoy you, then we'll leave!

After Saad had rammed the sword into the ground, he sat down.

Mus'ab read him some verses of the Qur'an. Then, he told him about the Islamic good manners, friendship and brotherhood.

Saad felt that his heart inclined to Islam. So he said: I confess that there's no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His Apostle and His slave.

Saad kept his Islam a secret for he intended to do something.

Saad was Bani al-Ashal's chief and leader. They were waiting for his return. He and Mus'ab bin Umair came back to them. When Saad approached them, he stopped and said: Bani al-Ashal, what am I?

They all answered: Our leader and master!

Saad bin Maadh said: I ask you to believe in Allah and His Apostle.

All Bani al-Ashal believed in Islam. Therefore, Mus'ab bin Umair began teaching them the principals of Islam.

Al-Akaba Second Homage

The time of the new pilgrimage started. Mus'ab bin Umair and a group of the Muslims went to Makkah. A group of the polytheists went there, too. The polytheists visited Makkah and had special ceremonies.

Mus'ab wanted to meet the Prophet [s] and tell him about spreading Islam in Yathrib.

A group of Muslims secretly visited our Master Muhammad [s]. They asked him to meet them at al-Akaba valley at night. They did not want the Quraish to know about their meeting.

When the polytheists slept, the Muslims went secretly to al-Akaba valley. The Muslims were seventy-three. Two of them were women. The first was Naseeba bint Kaab. She belonged to Bani al-Najjar. The second was Asmaa bint Amru. She belonged to Bani Salama.

Our Master Muhammad [s] came. His uncle al-Abbas, who kept his Islam a secret because he was afraid of the Quraish, came with him, too.

The Muslims paid homage to our Master Muhammad [s]. They assured him that they would defend Islam.

Besides they showed him their stand against all his enemies. The Muslims said to Allah's Apostle [s]: We've paid our homage! We'll be loyal to you. Then what will be our reward?

Our Master Muhammad [s] said: The Paradise!

Munat, the Idol

The delegation came back to Madina. Mus'ab bin Umair came back, too. He was glad at the victory of Islam.

Islam spread. Its light illuminated Yathrib city. Most people of Yathrib became Muslims, but only a few persons insisted on polytheism and worshipping idols.

Amru bin al-Jumah made an idol of wood. He named it Munat. He put it in the house yard. He worshipped it everyday.

Maadh thought about a way to convince his father about the uselessness of the idols. He agreed with his Muslim brothers about taking the idols.

It was time to sleep. Amru in al-Jamuh went to bed. His son stayed up waiting for his friends.

At the fixed hour, the friends came. Maadh opened the door carefully. His friends came into the house. They tied the idols with ropes and drew it outside the house. They went outside the city. They threw the idol into a rubbish pit. Maadh came back home calmly. He went to bed.

In the morning, Amru bin al-Jamuh woke. He did not find Munat. He began looking for his idol through the lanes. He was shouting: Who has stolen my god?

Amru bin al-Jamuh searched everywhere for the idol. Finally he found it in the rubbish pit. He took it out of the pit and brought it home again. He gave it a good clean and perfumed it. Then he kneeled and apologised to it.

At the following night, Maadh's friends came. They drew the idol, took it outside the city and threw it into the same pit.

Amru bin al-Jamuh woke. He did not find the idol. So, he went outside the city. He brought it home and gave it a good clean. That time, he was annoyed. Thus he tied a sword to the neck of Munat. He said to it: If you're a real god, then defend yourself!

It got dark. Maadh's friends came. They took the idol to another place. They tied it to a dead dog and threw it into a pit.

On the following day, Amru bin al-Jamuh looked for his idol everywhere. Then he found it tied to the dead dog. So, he took his sword and kicked the idol with his leg. He said: What a bad god you are!

At that moment, Amru bin al-Jamuh believed in the Muslim Mission. Maadh was happy when his father became Muslim.

Adapted from the book: "The Companions of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w)"

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