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Mukhtar defends Allah's House

Adopted from the book : "Mukhtar al-Thaqafi" by : "Kamal al-Seyyed"

Mujrim bin Akkaba headed the Shamian Army. On the way to Makkah, a scorpion stung him. He died. So, al Husayn bin Numair, who took part in the Karbala massacre, headed the army.

The Shamian Army besieged Holy Makkah. The soldiers occupied the nearby hills and mountains.

The soldiers placed their Majaneeq (machines used in ancient times for throwing fire in war).

Al-Husayn bin Numair ordered his soldiers to attack Madina:

Throw fire at them!

A soldier said:

Leader, they are meeting in the Ka'aba!

The leader commanded the soldiers with spite:

Throw fire at the Ka'aba!

The soldiers did. The fire dropped on the houses and the mosques. The walls of the Ka'aba caught fire.

After the heavy fires, al-Husayn bin Numair ordered the horsemen to break into Makkah. He also ordered them to kill the passers-by.

The infantry, heavily armed, followed the horsemen. They advanced towards Makkah.

Violent fights took place in the Ka'aba. Mukhtar was bravely defending Allah's House against the invaders. He forced them to retreat.

A horseman came from Damascus while the violent fights were going on.

The horseman met al-Husayn bin Numair. He said to him:

I've sad news.


Caliph Yazeed bin Mu'awiyah has died!


Al-Husayn bin Numair was surprised to hear the news. He asked the horseman to keep silent.

But the news quickly spread among the Shamian soldiers, who were tired of the siege. They were displeased with attacking the Ka'aba, Allah's House, because they turned their faces towards it when they said their prayers.

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