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Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr's Letter to Mu'awiyah

From Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, to the deviant Mu'awiyah ibn Sakhr:

Peace be upon the followers of God's obdedience, from that who is pacifict for the followers of God's guidance.

Then, Allah, by His Glory, Migtness, Power and Omnipotence, has created the creatures without vanity or fraility in His Power, and being needless of their creation. He created them as slaves, making of them the deviant and conscious, the miserable and fortunate, electing then with pre-knoledge and choosing out of them Muhammad (S), excluding himwith bearing His Message, and making him the trusworthy upon His revelation. He has delegated him as a messenger, bearing good tidings and a warner, confirming that which was before him of the scriptures, and a guide over the shara'i (laws). So he has called unto the way of his Lord with wisdom and fair exhortation, with the first man who responded and turned (unto him), believed, accepted and submitted, being his brother and cousin 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (A). 'Ali, who believed him on the hidden and prefered him over every itimate friend, protected him with his own self against any dread, consoling him in every fear, and fighting his enemies and befriending his friends, being ready all the times of terror to sacrifice himself as a ransom for him, excelling others in his jihad, with no parallel in conduct.

I see that you contended him, while you what be what you are, and he is the one who is precedent in every good, the first of people in embracing Islam, the most turhtful in intention, the best in offsepring and wife, the best cousin. His brother being the one who purchased himself during the Battle of Mu'tah, whose uncle is the master of martys in the Battle of Uhud, and his father is the one who has protected the Messenger of Allah (S) against dangers. While you are the accursed and son of the accused, still you and your father hatch frauds for God's religion, striving for putting put out God,s light, mobilizing for this purpose the multitudes, expending for it much fund and instigating tribes against it.

This being the condition upon which your father is dead, and you succeeded him, the witness against you being those you brought near, and who seek your shelter from other parties and heads of hypocrisy and dissension against the Messenger of Allah. Whereas the withnesses for 'Ali (A), despite his manifest honour and known past, being his supporters from among the Muhajirun and Ansar, whom Allah --the Exalted-- has mentioned in the Qur'am, preferring them over others and praised them. They who supported him, in battalion and groups, safeguarding him with their swords, shedding their blood for his defence, seeeing the truth on following his guide and misery in opposing him.

Woe be to you, how dare you equal youeself to 'Ali who is the heir and excutor (wasi) of the Messenger of Allah, and the father of his sons, and the first one who followed his his guide, and the closest one to him in keeping the covenant, to whom he used to disclose his secrets and apprise him of his affairs, while you are his enemy and the son of his enemy?

Enjoy your life as long as you can with your batil (O Mu'awiyah), and let Ibn al'As support you in your misguidance. It seems as your hour has come, and your stratagem has been brought to naught, and you shall verily recognize who will be the owner of sublime end!

Know that you only delude your Lord, of whose craft you feel secure, and have despaired of His sprit while He is ever watchful over you, and you are deceived far from Him. And peace be upon whoever follows the guidance.279

Any truth-seeker can find indisputable facts in this letter written by Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, as Mu'awiyah is described in it as deviant and misleader, an accrused and son of an accursed, doing his utmost to put God's light, expending abundant money for corrupting the religion, hatching intrigues against God's religion. Also as an enemy for Allah and His Messenger, adopting falsehood with the help of Amr ibn al-'As.

On the other hand, the letter exposes 'Ali's virtues and merits, for which no one has preceded and no one can ever succeed him, in possessing them.Truly, the virtues and excellences, possessed by 'Ali ibn Abi Talib (A), number more than those enumerated by Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr, but what concerns us here is the reply sent by Mu'awiyah ibn Abi Sufyan to this letter. Through it any truth-seeker can fathom the history mysteries and schemes, and discover the threads of the conspiracy that kept caliphate away from its legitimate owner, causing the deviation of the Ummah.


279. Jamharat rasa'il al-'Arab, vol.i, p.475; al-Mas'udi, Muraj al-dhahab, vol.ii, p. 59; Ibn Abi al-Hadid, Sharh al-Nahj, vol.i, p.283.

Adapted from the book: "The Shi'ah; The Real Followers of the Sunnah" by: "Dr. Muhamad al-Tijahi al-Samawi"

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