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Mu'awiya's motive behind appointing his Fasiq son as Khalifah

Abu Sulaiman al Nasibi in his article on Mu'awiya sought to apply conjecture, seeking to defend Mu'awiya's appointment of his son by stating:

Ansar.org states:"Perhaps the reason that pushed Mu'awiyah to take allegiance to Yazeed was to push away the disagreement and to be one in this crucial time at which the Ummah lived and where a lot of people claimed the caliphate. Hence, Mu'awiyah thought that by giving the leadership to Yazeed would be a good thing for the Ummah and it would prevent another affliction of happening

Boy o boy, these Nasibis dig up the most bizarre excuses - the reason Mu'awiya made Yazeed his son was not for these namby-pamby 'maybe' reasons. It's because all kings want to make their sons the king after them. It's called monarchy and nepotism. It's why all the scholars say Mu'awiya made Yazeed khalifa. Do the Ansar team live on another planet? It is a fickle effort to cover up Yazeed's Nasibi father's sin. If we really want to know Mu'awiya's motive, why use guesswork when we have his own testimony. We thus read in al Bidayah Volume 8 page 118 that Mu'awiya admitted his appointment of his son was based on his love for him, nothing else.

"Prior to his death Mu'awiya stated if it was not my love for Yazeed, I would have known the path of guidance."

This proves that Mu'awiya's motive to appoint Yazeed was not to prevent affliction as these Nasibi claim, rather his aim was only based on the love of his son and his regret that he was blinded by love is proof that Mu'awiya was fully aware that his son was a transgressor who had no right to be deemed as the Guide over Muslims. Here Mu'awiya confesses to being misguided - so the Nasibi cult reveres and follows an imam who admits he is misguided! Yes, I guess that's what it does mean.

In connection with these words of Mu'awiya, his great advocate Ahmad Ibn Hajr al Makki in Thatheer al Janaan page 52 stated:

"Mu'awiya's saying had it not been my love for Yazeed in my heart, although I know the path of guidance, serves as testimony against him [Mu'awiya]. He placed his fasiq son over the people. Mu'awiya's love for his son destroyed his thinking and political astuteness. Mu'awiya's allowing his personal feelings / love to decide how the Deen should be led, to the point that his son's transgressions [which were beyond the pale of the Sharia and merited the death penalty] were an irrelevancy constitutes a major sin for which he shall be called to answer for on the Day of Judgement".

We read in Sira alam al Naba:

"Mu'awiya said to his son, 'The thing that I fear most of all is my act of making you my successor".

Mu'awiya indulged in all manner of act to secure a smooth transition of power for his son: threats, intimidation, and he even had Imam Hasan (as) martyred by poison. His methods to make his fasiq son Khalifah over the Muslims are definitely a major sin.

Advocate of Mu'awiya, Ibn Khaldoon, stated in Tareekh Ibn Khaldoon:

"Mu'awiya was unaware that Yazeed was a fasiq and faajir, on the contrary during his lifetime he would tell his son to refrain from singing".

In addition to Ibn Hajr we also have another Nasibi advocate making admissions that destroy Mu'awiya. One admits that that during his lifetime Yazeed would sing music, the other admits that he would drink alcohol.

Adapted from the book: "Yazeed"

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