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More energy during the holy month

A time for generosity, goodwill and friendship, Ramadan is a season that fills you with the desire to do your best for your family and friends. Whether it is a sumptuous spread, a warm, inviting ambience or a healthy nutritional meal, you are sure to go all out to make this season a memorable time.


However, indulging in these admirable, selfless acts can lead to you overworking yourself, resulting in tiredness and exhaustion during the fast. This is why we thought we’d help prepare you for a precious time this Ramadan with a few simple tips to help you plan your duties during this time.


How can you do your chores at home without tiring yourself when you are fasting?


  • Plan your meals and shop for food beforehand
  • Do not spend all your time in the kitchen
  • Manage your time properly and rest for some time before you start preparing the meal
  • Make nuts (walnuts, almonds), dried raisins, dates and Kamar el deen a part of your daily diet, because they are packed with energy, vitamins and minerals
  • Follow the recommendations for a healthy Iftar
  • Do not exhaust yourself by going out daily, but focus on bringing the family together and getting some rest at home
  • Spend some time with your kids inside the house, instead of going out to restaurants and overeating at night
  • Take a walk after Iftar. You need the light exercise to burn off excess calories and provide your body with vitality
  • Don’t forget the importance of the Suhour meal that will give you energy for the day ahead


Good to Remember:


Wash and prepare vegetables and other food ingredients early in the day, but do not start cooking until later in order to preserve the nutrients available in the vegetables.

A handful of hints for day long energy


From the first meal before the call for prayer to the one that breaks the day long fast, you are the one responsible for making these Ramadan meals delicious and nutritious. Now with these easy hints you are sure to be energetic, rested and ready to spend time with your family and friends, be it going out or simply staying home and watching the Ramadan specials on TV.

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