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Moral Virtues of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.)

Moral Virtues of Hazrat Zahra (s.a.)

Fatimah (AS) had high moral virtues and her life is full of spiritual behavior. We explain two of them below noticing that these are only a very little part of her moral virtues :

1. Jaber-bin-Abdullah-al-Ansari, the Prophet,s (PBUH) companion, says that a poor emigrant (Mohajer) came to the Prophet (PBUH) and asked for help. The Prophet (PBUH) answered: ?I do not have anything. Go to my daughter whose house is beside mine?. Then Bilal, the Prophet (PBUH),s muezzin, guided him. He went to Fatimah,s (AS) house and said: ?Peace be on you, O! The family of the Prophet (PBUH)? and asked for help. When Fatimah (AS) got aware of his poverty, although she and her father and husband did not have anything to eat for 3 days, she brought out the necklace which Hamzeh,s (AS) son -her cousin- had presented her and told the man: ?Take this and sell it. I hope that Allah gives you better than this?. The man took the necklace and went to the Prophet (PBUH) and described what had happened. The Prophet (PBUH) cried and prayed for him. Ammar-e-Yaser (the Prophet,s (PBUH) companion) stood up and after getting permission, bought the necklace instead of giving him food, cloth, an animal and cost of traveling. The Prophet (PBUH) asked the man: ?Are you satisfied?? The man felt ashamed and thanked. Ammar put the necklace in a Yemeni cloth and perfumed it and dedicated it to the Prophet (PBUH) with his slave. The slave came to the Prophet (PBUH) and told the story. The Prophet (PBUH) offered the necklace and the slave to Fatimah (AS). The slave came to Fatimah (AS). She took the necklace and let the slave free. He smiled and when he was asked for the reason, he answered: ?What a blessed necklace! It fed a hungry, covered a naked, made a pedestrian have an animal, made someone free from want, let a slave free and finally returned to its owner ?

2. Prophet (PBUH) bought Fatimah (AS) a new dress for her marriage ceremony and she owned a patchy dress. A poor man came to her house and asked for a used cloth. Fatimah (AS) decided to give him the old dress as he had asked but remembered the verse: ?You never attain to righteousness until you spend out of what you like?. So she gave him the new dress.

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