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Miscellaneous issues in sawm - Part 1

I. Applicable rules to menstruating woman [ha'id], that with istihadah and woman during puerperium [nifas]

1- If a woman's menstrual cycle starts while she is fasting on a specific day that she vowed to perform on, what should she do?

A: Her fast is void because of the menstrual cycle, and she has to perform its qada after she is clean again.

2- If the woman in the month of Ramadan menstruated two hours or less before the time of maghrib, would her fast be invalidated.

A: Her sawm would e invalidated.

3- If a woman became clean from her period [hayd] at a time which is neither enough for ghusl nor for tayammum, then what is the ruling?

A: In the given question, her sawm of Ramadan is correct.

4- What is the ruling of the woman who has an excessive [kathirah] or medium [mutawassitah] istihadah?

A: For her sawm to be correct, it is a condition to do the daily ghusls. If she has an excessive or medium istihadah before the salat of subh or before the salats of zuhrayn (zuhr and `asr), she is obliged to do ghusl and if she neglects it intentionally, her sawm would be void.

5- What is the ruling of intentionally remaining on the hadath of menstruation [hayd] or puerperium [nifas], until the morning during the month of Ramadan and its qada?

A: Its ruling is just the same if one remained intentionally on the state of janabah i.e. the sawm is void and both qada and kaffarah would be obligatory upon her.

6- What is the ruling of intentionally remaining on the hadath of hayd or nifas until the morning in other than Ramadan and its qada?

A: In other than the sawm of Ramadan and the qada of it, it would not harm the correctness of the sawm.

7- Would forgetting to do the ghusl of haydh and nifas invalidate all types of sawm?

A: It would not harm her sawm even if it was the sawm of Ramadan or its qada.

Adopted from the book : "Questions & Answers About Fast Accroding to Ayatollah Khamenei's Fatwa"

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