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Martyrdom of the Two Sons of Muslim bin Aqil (A.S) - Part 3

Then the man called his son and said, "I have gathered for you through lawful and unlawful means, while this world is such that it should be acquired. Hence take these children to the shore of Euphrates and severe their heads and bring them to me, so that I may take them to Ubaydullah and get two thousand dirhams as reward for it." His son lifted the sword and started walking ahead of them. They had not reached far when one of the children told him, "O youth! I fear your youth being burnt in the fire of hell." The youth asked them as to who they were? They replied, "We are from the progeny of your Prophet, and your father intends killing us." Hearing this youth fell upon their feet and kissing them repeated the words of the slave and jumped into the sea and swam to the opposite shore. When his father saw this he called out, "You disobey me"? To which he replied, "Allah’s obedience is more dear (to me) than yours." Hearing this the accursed said, "No one will be ready to kill you except myself", saying this he lifted the sword and went towards them.

When they reached the shore of Euphrates, he unsheathed his sword. When the infants saw the naked sword, their eyes became full of tears. Then they said, "O Shaikh! Take us to the market and sell us and do not invite the wrath of the Prophet on the Day of Judgment." He replied, "No, verily I shall kill you and take your heads to Ubaydullah and thereby earn reward from him." They said, "O Shaikh! Do you not consider the relation we share with the Prophet"? To which he said, "Verily you have no relation with the Prophet as such." They again said, "O Shaikh! Then take us to the presence of Ubaydullah, so that he may decide what to do with us." He replied, "I do not have any other way, except that I may earn his nearness by spilling your blood." The children said, "O Shaikh! Do you not have pity upon our infancy"? He replied, "Allah has not allotted mercy in my heart." Then they said, "O Shaikh! Now that there is no hope left, give us respite to recite some units of Prayers." He said, "Pray as much as you like if it benefits you." The children recited four units of Prayers, then lifted their eyes towards the heavens and cried, "O Ever-Living! O Wise! O the Best of Judges! Judge between us and this man by truth."." He stood up and severed the head of the elder brother and kept his head in a bag. The younger brother, who had smeared his body in the blood of his elder brother, said, "I desire to meet the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) in this very state drenched in the blood of my brother." He said, "Do not fear, for I shall soon join you with your brother", saying this he severed his head too and placed it in the bag. Then he threw their bodies into the river of Euphrates.

He then brought the heads to Ubaydullah, who was seated on his throne with a bamboo staff in his hands. He placed the heads of the children facing Ubaydullah, who after seeing it arose and sat down thrice. Then he said, "Woe be to you! Where did you find them"? He said, "A woman from our family had given them refuge. After the man explained the whole story, Ibn Ziyad said, "So, they were your guests and you did not respect the rights of guests in your own home?"

Then Ibn Ziyad said, "Allah has verily judged between you. Who shall come forth to kill this accursed man", hearing this, a Syrian man came forward. Ubaydullah said, "Take him to the same spot where he killed the children and strike his head and hasten to bring his head to me." The man did exactly as told and when his head was brought, it was placed on a lance and children threw stones and arrows at it and said, "This is the murderer of the progeny of the Prophet."

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

Source: coiradio.com

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