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Martyrdom of Meesam bin Yahya Tammar

During the period of the martyrdom of Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S), the other significant events, which occurred, are the martyrdom of Meesam-e-Tammar and Rushayd al Hajari. Besides it is appropriate that we quote here the martyrdom of Hujr bin Adi and Amr bin Humaq.

Meesam was one of the distinct and favorite companions of the Commander of the faithful Imam Ali (A.S), rather he, Amr bin Humaq, Muhammad bin Abu Bakr and Oways Qarani were among his disciples. Keeping in mind their merit and worthiness, Imam Ali (A.S) had trained them with concealed knowledge and mysteries, which would occasionally be apparent from them. Once Meesam told Abdullah bin Abbas, who was one of the students of Imam Ali (A.S) and had learnt the Qur’anic Exegeses from him, and whom Muhammad bin Hanafiyah had referred to as "the Divine of the nation" that, "O son of Abbas! Ask from me whatever you desire regarding the interpretation of the Qur’an, as I have recited the revelations of the Qur’an before Imam Ali (a.s) and have received it’s interpretation from him." Abdullah bin Abbas addressed his maid servant saying, "Bring me a paper and pen", and started writing down.

It is narrated that when the order was issued to hang Maytham he called out in a loud voice saying, "O people! Whoever desires to listen to the mysterious sayings of the Commander of the faithful Ali (A.S) comes closer to me." Hearing this people gathered around him and he started narrating the astonishing traditions. While this dignified personality (Allah’s Mercy be upon him), was among the abstinent and was such that the skin of his body had dried due to excessive worship and abstinence.

In Kitab al Gharat it is related by Ibraheem Saqafi, that Imam Ali (A.S) had trained Meesam in abundant knowledge and concealed mysteries, which he would occasionally relate to the people, after hearing which the people of Kufa would fall in doubt and accuse Imam Ali (A.S) of sorcery and deceit (for they could not digest and comprehend it). One day Imam Ali (A.S), in the presence of a large gathering of some of his genuine followers as well as the skeptical ones said,

"O Meesam! After my death you will be seized and will be hanged. Then on the preceding day blood shall ooze from your nose and mouth, which will dye your beard. Then on the third day a weapon will be pierced in your stomach, which will result in your death, thus look forward to that day. The place where you shall be hanged is facing the house of Amr bin Hurays. You shall be the tenth one from among those people who shall be hanged, while the timber of your gallows will be the shortest among all, and it will be nearer to the ground. And I shall show you the palm-tree on whose trunk you shall be hanged."

Then after two days he showed him the palm-tree. Thereafter Meesam always came near the tree and recited Prayers and would say, "What a blessed palm-tree you are, for you have been created and are growing up for me ".

After the martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S), Meesam often went to visit the palm-tree until it was cut down, then he looked after it’s trunks. He would go to Amr bin Hurays and say, "I will be your neighbor, thus fulfill the rights of neighborhood well." Amr would not understand his meaning and would ask, "Do you intend buying the house of Ibne Mas’ood or Ibne Hakeem"?

In Kitabul Fazael it is written that Imam Ali (A.S) often came out of the Mosque of Kufa and sat near Meesam talking to him. One day as usual he came to Meesam and said:

"Should not I give you glad tidings"?

Meesam asked what was it? He said,

"One day you shall be hanged."

He asked, "O my Master! Will I die Muslim"? And Imam confirmed it.

Aqiqi relates that Abu Ja’far Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S) held Meesam very dear, while Meesam was a believer, was grateful in prosperity and forbearing in adversity.

Taken from the book named: NAFASUL MAHMOOM

By Haj Shaikh Abbas Qummi (a.r)

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