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Mamoon Calls him to Baghdad in 206 AH

As the Imam of his times, he started serving Islam in the same way as his predecessors had done. His "headquarters", as it were, was the Prophet's Mosque in Medina where people from all over the world would come in search of knowledge and guidance and he would serve them all.

His biggest challenge was his age. However, anyone who cam in his contact would immediately recognize his excellence and see in him the extra ordinary qualities found in only the Imams appointed by Allah.

For his own selfish reasons, Mamoon invited Imam (A.S.) to Baghdad, and offered his own daughter Ummul Fadhl to him, in marriage.

The noble men and courtiers from the clan of Abbas (The c Bani Abbasi') were very angry with Mamoon for wishing to make Imam Taqi (A.S) his son-in-law. They sent a strong delegation to Mamoon, expressing their dissatisfaction with this arrangement.

A royal princess given to the "child-Imam" would humiliate the noble house of Abbas1 Mamoon's reply was "Do not underestimate this child, he has qualities that none amongst you has."

To satisfy them, Mamoon gave them permission to test the young Imam's knowledge and any other skills that they wished. The Bani Abbasi were very happy with this proposal.

They planned to have the Imam tested by the most renowned scholar of the court, Kazi Yahya Ibne Aksam, who also happened to be the head of the Judiciary of the Muslim empire at that time. ("Kazi-ul- Kuzzat").

Adapted from the book: "Biography Of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (A.S.) - Al-Taqi" by: "M. Dungersi Ph.D"

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