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Love For Poor People

Love For Poor People

The books of traditions reported that once he chanced upon some poor men who put a few crumbs of bread on the ground in front of them and were eating them. They invited him to eat with them. He accepted the invitation and said: "Certainly Allah does not like the proud. Having finished eating them, he invited them to his house. He showered them with money, fed and clothed them.

Once, he was asked: "We do you not disappoint a beggar. why?"

He (a.s.) replied:

"I am asking Allah for His favours, and I love to be near Him. I am ashamed, as I am myself in need of Allah, to repulse a beggar. Allah got me used to a habit; to shower me with His bounties, and I get Him used to me showering His bounties on the people. I fear that should I stop my habit, He may stop His habit."


Imam Hassan(A.S.) the grandson of the Holy Prophaet (s.a.w.) bought an orchard from the Ansars (the supporters of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) in Madinah, at the price fo 400,000 Dirhams. Then he came to know that Ansars had lost their wealth. He gave them the orchard back with no charge.

Pristine Knowledge

Imam Hassan (a.s.) had profound and pristine knowledge in Islamic sciences. This discloses Imam Hassan's (a.s.) firm connection with the fountainhead of the message and its original concepts.

What is ascetism?" the Imam was once asked.

The desire to be pious and abstemious in this life," he replied.

"What is forbearance?" he was asked.

"Restraining one's anger and controlling oneself," he answered.

"What is righteousness?" he was asked

"Replacing the bad with the good," came the answer.

"What is honor?" they asked.

"Being kind to one's relatives and shouldering peoples's burdens of sin."

"What is the succour?" he was asked.

"Defending the neighbour, patience in war, and advance during adversities," he said.

"What is glory?" he was asked.

"Holding onto the faith, keeping one's self-respect, being merciful, being kind, giving back people's trusts, and endearing oneself to the people ...

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