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Lawful Stated Time of Hajj

1. The time in which Hajj is to be performed is specified during the three months of Shawwal, Dhul-Qi'da, and Dhul-Hijjah. Thus if a Muslim attains the specified conditions under which Hajj becomes compulsory during this period of time, he should perform Hajj. If he does not perform Hajj during the first year while being to do so, he is obliged to do so the following year.

2. The person obliged to perform Hajj can make his intention for performing Hajj on any day of this specific period of time, should he want to enter Mecca, from whichever Miqat (the five places of the appointed time), he passes through while entering Mecca.

Adapted from the book: "The Hajj As Worship and Education" by: "Al-Balagh Foundation"

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