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Last Wll Testament; Reading & Review of Ahadis & Advices

Regularly read advices and ahadis. Read and review them at least one hour daily. You will see many results and benefits of this act. The heart comes alive and desires (nafs-e-ammara) are controlled.

Son, never eat in excess. By this, you will become lazy.

It is stated in the tradition that Shaitan comes very close to human being when his stomach in full. (Mustadrak-3, p. 81)

Allah does not like a man with full stomach. (Mustadrak Vasael – 3, p. 80)

The most harmful thing for a momeen is to eat to the full. Always keep 1/3 stomach empty for water, 1/3 for breathing and fill up 1/3 with food. This is good for health and body. (Mustadrak – 3, p. 80)

Beware! Don’t think that you will get more strength by eating more. Beware, strength depends on your digestive power not on the quantity of food.

Don’t eat unless you are hungry. Otherwise it may result in indigestion, leprosy and mental deficiency. (Wasael –3, p. 263)

Beware, don’t sleep too much. This results in waste of precious life. This does not mean that you should do Ibadat leaving aside all things. All work should be done as much as necessary – not excessively. Take food that suits the climate.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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