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Last Wll Testament; Excessive Laughter

Son, don’t laugh too much. It kills your heart and destroys the glow on your face. To avoid laughter, look at your thumb. This will stop your laughter and kaffara of laughter is ‘Allahumma La Tamkutni.’

There is no restriction on mild laughter. It is a sign of good nature. It is praiseworthy. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) used to smile faintly.

Like laughter, don’t crack too many jokes. It lessens your reputation (Wasael – 2, p. 206), destroys ‘Noor-e-Iman’ (Mustadrak – 2, p. 27), destroys decency (Mustadrak – 2, p. 77) and gives rise to enmity. (Wasael – 2, p. 217)

Polite nature is a good thing. Aimme Masoomeen (a.m.s.) always used to behave politely. They used to teach their followers also to behave politely. There is lot of sawab in pleasing a momeen.

Son, don’t be happy when someone is killed. Hazrat Imam Reza (a.s.) has said: If one is pleased with the action of someone, than he is counted as one who has committed the act. (Mustadrak – 2, p. 344)

It is stated that if a momeen is killed in the east and if someone staying in west is pleased, then he also will be counted as a killer. It is for this reason that Imam-e-Asr (a.s.) will take revenge of the martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) after his reappearance, so that his ancestors are pleased. (Tafseer-e-Safi)

Son, save yourself from back-biting and making allegations. It results in lessening of good deeds and increase in bad deeds. The good deeds of back-biter is transferred to one whom you are back-biting and his bad deeds are transferred to the back-biter. Thus, back-biter loses both ways. (Mustadrak – 2, p. 106)

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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