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Last Wll Testament; Danger spots

1st Danger spot :

Becoming a judge

This is a deadly poison so beware of it. Many a times, you err and are ruined, specially in such a time when honest men are few and satan’s followers are many. Cunning people will do such deeds which will take ¾ of them to hell and only ¼ will go to heaven.

Will any sensible man be ready to do such a deed in which the possibility of loss is more than that of profit? Can any pious man dare to sit on a seat where prophet and wasi used to sit or some wretch evil man used to sit? (Wasaelush shia-3 p. 359)

Can there be someone who has so much self-confidence in himself that he considers himself equal to ‘prophet’ and a wasi so that he can save himself from above mentioned misfortunes?

Beware, don’t go astray by satan’s treachery and don’t fall into the trap of judgeship by considering it as ‘Wajibe-e-Aini’, otherwise you will be ruined by your ignorance. Of course, if you go to such a place where there is no one else and if, thinking cooling and calmly, you feel judgeship as Wajib-e-Aini, then as far as possible, try to make peace and reconciliation with both the parties and even after knowing the truth, deal with restrain.

2nd danger spot :

Usurping Someone’s Right’s

Sometimes, rights of beggars, destitute, prophets’ house hold, people etc. are usurped and sometimes, without any solid base of Shariat rights are usurped by giving importance to self over others or relatives. Sometimes, because of the desire to spend money according to one’s wishes, rights of other are usurped due to lack of sincerity.

If you become ‘Marja’ regarding ‘ Shariat’s Rights’ then remember the following advice of my father (Taba Sarah):-

(1) As far as possible, don’t spend ‘Huquq-e-Shariya’ money on yourself. Be contented with whatever gifts and presents you get, because, I am afraid, that, if, in the beginning, you form the habit of spending from ‘Huquq-e-Shariya’ for your needs, then, with the passage of time, the limit of needs will also increase. Money will be spent on luxuries and eventually, the purchase of property and estate will also be considered a necessity’, which is a sure way of destruction and ultimately you will become the rightful candidate for permanent Allah’s punishment.’ Rights’ are like doubts. One who moves around it, is bound to get trapped one day.

Yes, if you are not a ‘Marja’ for ‘Taqleed’ and Huquq’, then you can take your right as per your needs. And yes, never for a moment think that if I do not spend from ‘Huquq-e-shariya’, I will die of hunger because one who is responsible for providing livelihood is very reliable, If he sees you running away from the use of ‘Huquq’, then he will send gifts and presents which our conscience also accepts.

There is an extraordinary effect of not using ‘Huquq-e-shariya’. There is ‘Noor’ in the heart, increase in life span, ‘Taufiq’ of Allah’s obedience and freedom from mistakes - sins. May Allah give you such experience whereby your faith in Him becomes strong and implicit.

(2) While distributing ‘Huquq’, remember the ‘Qurbat’ (nearness) of Allah. It should not happen that because of your personal selfishness. You distribute ‘Huquq’ amongst your servants and followers and those who are far away are deprived of it or you give more to those who are near to you and less to those who are far because one who is near is showing love and affection to you while who is far away is not able to show it.

Beware, always keep in mind the reasons and rules of ‘Shariat’ and accordingly, give prominence to one over the other, because to deliver the ‘Huquq is ‘Ibadat’ and in ‘Ibadat’ the ‘Niyyat’ of Qurbat’ is necessary. If the ‘Niyyat’ is not proper and right, then there will be responsibility from both the sides-giver of the ‘Huquq’. You will be loser in this world as well as in the next world because you will not get ‘Sawab’ as your Niyyat’ was not good.

3rd danger spot :

Haste In Issuing Fatwa

Instead of doing haste in issuing fatwa, use discretion because it is the worst illness. Don’t issue fatwa without taking all the aspects of ‘Fiqh’ into consideration. It is quite possible that you will issue fatwa by looking at one part while some valid argument may be there is another part and you may become liable for ‘Azaab’. I have seen several times that some Alims give fatwa by taking into consideration one part of the related tradition and the fatwa was proved against ‘Ijma’ because they did not take the trouble of looking at the other part.

If you will read the tradition of Abu Dalad about renting a mule, you will realise how difficult it is to give ‘Fatwa’. If a ‘Fatwa’ about a few ‘Dirham’ can stop rain falling from the sky, then what would result if one issues wrong fatwa about huge wealth, someone’s reputation and precious life.

It is written about Allama Hilli that after his death, he told his son that if the book ‘Al-Fayn’ and Ziarat-e-Husain (a.s) were not there, ‘Fatwas’ would have ruined him. If this is the condition of Allama Hilli, what would happened to others!

Beware, don’t issue ‘Fatwa’ before obtaining all facts and information. Even after obtaining all information, avoid it as far as possible. However, if there is likelihood of people going astray and illiterate people holding sway, then do issue ‘Fatwa’ but be very careful.

4th Danger spot :

Lust of power

Along with ‘Marjiyyat’ is born the love for pomp and splendor and this destroys the ‘Sawab’ (reward) and ruined the man. Beware of this danger . Take care of your ‘Nafs’. ‘Nafs’ always leads towards evil. As long as Allah does not shower His blessing, till then, may Allah give you and me ‘Taufiq’ to stay away from selfishness and desires. He is the only one Who bestows compassion and mercy on his servants.

5th dangers spot :

Pretence – Fraud Beware, your heart should not go against the soul by showing piety and contentment in public which is not there in actual reality. In the present age, this type of behaviour is seen everywhere (public life is different from private life).

Beware, this is ‘Shirk-e-Khafi’ (hidden shrink) and if you ponder deeply, it is ‘Shirk-e-jali’ (open shrink) also, as if a servant wants to glorify someone else expect Allah and he is engrossed in his thoughts, though his private life is not going to be hidden for long. Someday it will be disclosed and then he will fall from grace and his reputation will be ruined.

Adopted from the book : "Wasiyatnama; Last Will Testament" by : "Sheykh Abdullah Mamkani"

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