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Lamenting the Martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A.S.)

To get a glimpse of the magnitude of the personality of the Imam(a) it could suffice to quote some excerpts from the prayers for Imam Husayn(a):

Peace be upon you, O Treasure and Custodian of the knowledge and mysteries of the Scriptures; of the Torah, the Gospel and the Book of Psalms

Peace be upon you, O Trustee of the Beneficent, Intimate Companion of the Qur'an, the Guardian of religion and the Gateway to Divine wisdom;

Peace be upon you, O the House of modesty and worship and devotion, a place of security for all;

Peace be upon you, O Treasure of Divine knowledge of the mysteries.

O Aba Abdullah! The tents of the Empyrean, in the heavens and in the earth, in Paradise, and in the seas and deserts, all trembled and lamented the shedding of your sacred blood.

I testify to the purity of your soul; You called the people to uphold justice and truth;

Peace be upon you who are pleased when your Lord is pleased and angered when your Lord is angered.

Peace be upon you, O Trustee of God, Proof of the Truth, Gateway to Divine knowledge, and Guide to Allah, the one who called people to know Allah and know as lawful and unlawful what your Lord had shown as such, who established worship and paid the poor-rate, and who enjoined the right and forbade the wrong

Peace be upon you, the Proof of Allah in the earth and the Witness of the Truth for mankind.

God's blessings be unto the martyred Imam, murdered by the tyranny of enemies, leader of the devout.

God's blessings be unto the virtuous Imam(a), beset upon by the evil of others and resigned to

God's will.

God's blessings be unto the Guide, who guided to the straight path.

Imam Sadiq(a) said:

He who sheds even a very small teardrop when he recalls the tragic martyrdom of Imam Husayn(a), God rewards him a reward no less than that of an abode in Paradise.

Elsewhere Imam Sadiq(a) said:

He who writes an eulogy on the death of Hadrat Husayn(a) and laments for him, he is rewarded with entry into Paradise.

The Ziarat of Hadrat Husayn (a)

Imam Sadiq(a) was quoted as having said that the grave of Husayn(a) is a garden in the Gardens of Eden and a place for the Ascension to the heavens. Angels descend to pay homage to his soul and ascend thereafter.

Imam Sadiq(a) said that those who pray for Husayn(a) in all of creation outnumber those who pray in all the earth. The following merit's are ascribed to the companions of Imam Husayn(a):

1. They were pleased with God's mercy on them and God was also pleased with them.

2. They were the most loyal of all the companions of all the prophets and of all the Imams.

3. Their names were recorded in the Preserved Tablet, in toto.

4. No one was their superior, either before or after them.

5. Their martyrdom was of the greatest magnitude.

6. They were the most devout of the devotees of God.

7. In their magnanimity and in their sublime positions they were without peer.

8. Because of their sacrifice, the religion of Truth spread throughout the world.

9. They were the greatest lovers of Imam Husayn(a).

10. Their graves are known as very sacred sites.

11. Before the tragic event of Karbala, the prophets and saints had foretold the incident and informed the people of its magnitude and interpreted the Imam's companions as their brothers.

12. They were the Leaders of the martyrs in this world and are leaders among the ranks of the martyrs in the Hereafter.

13. The martyred companions of Husayn(a) are known as the martyrs for all of God's messengers.

14. On the Last Day, they will be standing by the side of their leader.

15. They are among the best of all the people of devotion.

16. They are known in the heavens as the stars are known in the earth.

17. If the Prophet(s) had lived in their time he would have kissed them and counted them among the best of mankind.

18. They did not fear death.

19. God took their souls to Himself.

20. Before their martyrdom they saw their abode in Paradise.

21. They entered Paradise immediately after they were martyred.

22. They drank the water of Paradise from the hands of the Prophet(s) and `Ali(a).

23. Their sacred blood was kept by the Prophet(s) to be shown on the Day of Judgment.

24. While they were being buried, the sacred spirit of the ) Prophet was present at their burial.

25. They were given the glad tidings of eternal felicity by Hadrat Husayn(a).

26. Even their enemies lauded them for their courage, honesty, magnanimity and virtue.

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