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Lady Zaynab (s.a.) with her Father

Lady Zaynab hurried to her injured father with rearful eyes and broken heart. She asked him whether the Prophet's report, related by the righteous lady Ummu-Ayman, regarding the adversities and misfortunes that the Ahl al-Bayt would have to encounter in the futuer was true or not.
The Imam (a) said:

Ummu-Ayman has told the truth. I see coming that you. as well as your prople's harem, will be captives in this country. You will be submissive and terrified, fearing lest people might carry you off by force. At that time, be patient and adhere to patience , for, on that day, there will be no disciple (of Allah) on the earth except you, your followers, and your partisans. I swear this by Him Who split the grains and created the souls.

When he foretold us of these news, the Messenger of Allah (a) added: "On the same day as al-Husayn will be slain, Eblis1 the cursed will be overjoyed and will wander about the earth with his devils and afreets2 to declare: O devils, only today have we revenged ourselves on the descendants of Adam, attained our objective of wiping them out, and led them to the fire of Hell. Now, you must turn all your efforts towards filling people's minds with doubt towards al-Husayn and his companions, inciting them to bear hostility against them, and provoking them against anybody who shows loyalty to them (i.e. al-Husayn and his companions) in order that people's straying and atheism would be so guaranteed that none of them would be saved (on the Day of Resurrection)"Even though he is the biggest liar, Eblis said the truth in that question. It is quiet true that the good deeds of anyone who bears hostility against the Ahl al-Bayt are of no avail (no matter how great they are), and the sins, not the grand ones, of any one who loves them and is loyal to them are of no harm.3


1- Eblis is the name of the Devil.

2- Afreet is a powerfull, evil jinnee. (See The Oxford Talking Dictionary; item: afreet.)

3- See Kamil al-Ziayarat; 266.

Adopted from the book : "Lady Zaynab" by : "Ansariyan Publications"

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