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Kumayl's Memories

Kumayl bravely walked with the police. In the meantime, he recalled the beautiful days with his teacher and leader, Imam Ali [a].

Kumayl remembered the days when he was a soldier in the Imam's army. He remembered his fights against the disloyal, the unjust and the apostates.

Kumayl remembered the day when he led an army of four hundred fighters to face a raid by Mu'awiyah's army.

Kumayl remembered the day when he chased the invaders of Kirkeesya. He remembered the Imam's scolding letter because he left the borders of his country without soldiers.

The Imam's letter read as follows:

Certainly, you have deeply gone into Kirkeesya. And you have left the positions without protection. The idea is incorrect. You have become a bridge for your enemies to protect your friends.

Adopted from the book: "Kumayl bin Ziyad" by: "Kamal al-Seyyed"

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