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Kitchen Colors

Are you bored of the dullness of your kitchen? Wondering how to make it lively? If yes, then you would be happy to know that an easy way to make your kitchen bright and lively is by adding colors. We all are aware of the fact that colors bring life to any object, so, why not try it on your dull kitchen as well? Apart from making the kitchen an exciting place to be in, it also revamps the look completely, also at a minimal cost. Creative use of colors can result in a budget-friendly kitchen Decor that can stimulate your hunger and punk-up your surroundings. Right from the mottled, textured neutrals - whites, grays and black to the silver metallic, the options are varied and endless. Materials like Corian, granite, laminates, stainless steel and tiles are another way to spice up your kitchen.

To know more about how colors can give your kitchen a complete makeover, browse through the following lines.

Kitchen Colors Ideas
  • One of the most efficient ways to add color to a kitchen would be to paint the kitchen cabinet. Since cabinets usually occupy the greater part of the kitchen, adding color to them would be a great way spice up the kitchen Decor.
  • For the kitchen walls, the best bet would be to install new tiles in trendy designs and deep tones all over the kitchen or above the kitchen counters. Apart from looking beautiful and colorful, tiles make cleaning and wiping easy and simple.
  • A monochromatic color scheme with matching cabinet, countertop and wall colors can be spiced up by creating a focal point in the kitchen in bold contrasting colors and stenciled motifs.
  • Another area of concern for beautifying a kitchen would be to install bright, multihued curtains available in decorative patterns. However, get curtains that are easily washable.
  • Do not overlook the fact that colors look different in different lighting systems. If you are planning to go for fluorescent or incandescent lighting, it may affect the hue of your kitchen color in a different fashion entirely.
  • Since lighting affects the color greatly, the best bet would be to go for recessed and cabinet lighting plan in the kitchen rather than the uniform lighting plan. The former would give a diffused light to the kitchen and also make it look brighter and appealing.
  • You may add a dramatic touch to your kitchen Decor by using light and shadows to compliment the kitchen colors. A spotlight above your cooking area and dining area may actually make your simple kitchen look like a studio kitchen.
  • Besides the cabinetry, ceiling, floor and window coverings, moldings and trim, there are other design elements too such as chandeliers and designer lights, knobs and pulls, hanging plates and pot racks.
  • Using color in accessories, flowers, jars, vases, pendant light shades, bar stools, pictures and so on are great ways to provide focal points and pockets of color.

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