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Killing a believer for his faith is a serious crime

Related from Imam Saadiq (A) who was asked about whether repentance can be accepted from a believer who has killed another believer deliberately. He said:

'If he killed him for his faith then there is no repentance for him. If he was killed out of anger or for another worldly reason then his repentance is that he pays blood money and he should go to the blood relatives and confess to the killing of their relative. If they choose to forgive him and do not kill him then he should pay the compensation, and set free a slave, and fast two consecutive months, and feed sixty indigents as a repentance to Allah Exalted is He.'

Author's note: What is meant by 'there is no repentance for him' is that the seriousness of the crime is such that it is as if there is no way of repentance for him, whereas as the evidences have shown, repentance may be accepted for all sins.

Related from Sama'a, from Imam Saadiq (A) who was asked about Allah Almighty's words: { . . . and as for he who kills a believer deliberately, his reward will be Hell.} 45

He said: 'Whoever kills a believer because of his religion is that deliberate killer about whom Allah says:

{ ... and He (Allah) has prepared for him a mighty torment.} 46 I (Sama'a) said: 'What of the man who has a disagreement with another man such that he strikes him with his sword and kills him?' He (A) said: 'This is not the deliberate killer referred to by Allah Exalted and Majestic is He.'


45. The Holy Qur'an: Women (4): 93.

46. The Holy Qur'an: Women (4): 93.

Adapted from the book: "War, Peace & Non-Violence" by: "Sayyid Muhammad Sadiq Shirazi"

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