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Karbala: The True Hajj - Part 3

It is important to note that a pilgrim who performs Hajj without recognizing Karbala to be its true essence does not gain the real fruits of his/her pilgrimage.
In the words of Dr. Ali Shariati: "Imam Hussein did not complete his Hajj in order to teach the pilgrims that if there is no Imamate and there is not true leadership, if there is no goal, if 'Hussein' is not there and 'Yazid' is there, making Tawaaf around the house of Allah is equal to making Tawaaf around the idol-house." (Hajj)

All the pilgrims stone the Shaytan, all of them wear the robe of Ehraam, and all of them circumambulate the Kaba and walk the distance between Safa and Marwa. But not all who physically stone the Shaytan have truly rid themselves from his temptations. Not all who wear the Ehraam have forbidden themselves from that which Allah has forbidden them. Not all who sacrifice an animal has their offer truly accepted by Allah, and it is only those who sacrifice their souls – like the blessed companions of Imam Hussein – and exhibit readiness to die for the Imam and the mission he represents, whose offer is accepted by Allah. Not all who raise their voices and call out "La ilaaha illAllah" have truly recognized the essence of Tawheed, and it is only by fulfilling the conditions that one has truly pronounced the word of Oneness.
As Imam Reza (peace be upon him) relayed to his companions: "The Almighty Allah said, 'I surely am the God besides whom there is no god, so worship Me. Whoever comes with the testimony of Tawheed sincerely, he has surely entered My castle; and whoever enters My castle, he shall be protected from My chastisement.'" When some of the companions expressed excitement from that statement, Imam Reza immediately added, "Yes this is true – with its conditions." This condition is to acknowledge and submit to the Imamate and Wilayat of Imam Hussein and his descendants.

If we recognize the essence of Hajj as being intertwined with the tragedy of Karbala, we can then understand why Allah's mercy encompasses the pilgrims visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussein on the day of Arafah, even before the pilgrims of Hajj! (Kamil al-Ziyarat) We will then understand why a special Ziyarat is to be recited for Imam Hussein on the day of Arafah, which is one of the most important deeds that one can do. We will then realize that it is not a coincidence that one of the key recommended deeds to be performed on the day of Arafah is to recite the special beautiful supplication of Imam Hussein for the day of Arafah, which speaks volumes of the level of Irfan and wisdom which Imam Hussein possesses as he summarizes to us in concise words the fundamentals of Tawheed. We will then understand why, according to authentic hadith, visiting the holy shrine of Imam Hussein is worth 90 Hajj and 90 Umrah performed by the Holy Prophet himself! It is common knowledge that Hajj is obligatory on all Muslims if – and only if – they have the means to do so and all the prerequisite requirements are met. However, supporting and treading the path of Imam Hussein is incumbent and obligatory upon every human at all times, whether Muslim or non-Muslim!

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