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Karbala, the Scale of Love

The world revolves around a center of love. This center is Hussein (AS) in Karbala, where everything is based on love. Satan now is having his final battle with the army of love and today, in Karbala, the blood of the lovers beats the sword of Satan.

Karbala is the scale of love; Karbala is the home of lovers. Karbala is love itself and it gets its credit from Hussein bin Ali, the Imam of love.

The “great success”? that God talks about it Qur’an is to become a man of Karbala and to be awarded the honor of martyrdom. Karbala is the Kaba of love and the path to love goes through blood.

Some reproach us for being preoccupied with Karbala and with Ashura. They do not know that Karbala is not just a city for us, but a horizon. A spiritual horizon we have gained as many times as the number of our martyrs. Not just once or twice, but as many as the number of our martyrs.

The conquest of Karbala was more of a religious ideology rather than a military aspiration. Although the conquest did not happen physically, the heart of Karbala was conquered.

We can still hear the cry of Imam Hussein “Who is there to assist?”? and we can join the men of Kerbala by answering him. His voice is still alive and it brings life even to death itself.

Therefore, the whole history seems to be not more than a single day, and that day is Ashura. That is why after more than a thousand and three hundred years, people are still eager to fight against wrong and they would call themselves ‘the pilgrims of Karbala. Because it still is the day of Ashura in the year 61 AH. Every day is Ashura.

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