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Jelly Ring


1 pkt  pineapple jelly
1 pkt raspberry jelly
1 pkt greengage jelly
1 tin deesert cream


1x ready to serve vanilla custard fresh strawberries. Kiwi fruit or any soft fruit in season. Dissolve raspberry and greengage jelly alternatively with 1 standard cup of boiling water. Add a ¾ cup of cold water and stir.  Pour the 2 jellies into 2 separate dishes, preferably rectangular and set in fridge. When jellies have set, take the pineapple jelly and dissolve with one cup of boiling water. Set pineapple jelly aside to cool a bit. Remove raspberry and greengage jellies from fridge and cut into 1 cm squares. Place squares into Tupperware jelly ring mould. Mix the thick dessert cream with pineapple jelly and pour mixture over the red and green squares in the mould and set in the fridge. When set, turn out onto a cake stand and fill the centre with cut fruit. Pour custard over the ring.

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