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Islamic Social Insurance

This is partly the duty of all Muslims in the Islamic State. For they are responsible for their brothers and sisters in Islam. The Prophet (p.b.u. h.a.h.f.) said: "He who sleeps the night not caring about Muslims welfare is not one of us".

He also said: "He is not one of us, who sleeps the night while his neighbour is hungry." It is clear then that if the State's possession is not enough to satisfy the necessary needs of the poor people, it has the right to pass laws on rich people in order to help the poor.

The State's duty is not providing the essential requirements of her citizens only. This is the minimum which should be given, but the State ought to endeavour for higher standard of living, whose degree is decided by the economic progress of the Muslim community.

Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (al-Kazim) said: "The Muslim governor should distribute the national wealth according to the directions made by God.

It should be divided into eight shares, for the poor and the needy. He should distribute it among them so that they will be satisfied during the year without hardship or concealing their need.

If something is left it should be returned to the governor, but if it was not enough so that they are not yet content, the Governor ought to supply them from the reserves according to their need till they become satisfied."

Adapted from: "Economic Sysytem in Islam Compared with Capitalism and Socialism" by: "Abdul Husain Muhammad"

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