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Islamic Social Balance

The Islamic State strives to limit and lessen material differences among Muslims.

Although it recognises natural differences among people due to environment, education, and personal gifts, etc. On the other hand, Capitalism approves and contributes to widen the gap between two extreme classes in the society.

One class have all the wealth, while the other is empty handed. Socialism denies any natural difference among people and forces its "concept of equality" on the society.

"And it is He who made you (His) vicegerent in the earth and raised some of you above others in grades, that He may try you in what He gave you; Verily your Lord is quick in the requital (of evil) and He is most surely the Forgiving, the Merciful". ( Qur'an, 6:165) two:

The ways of conceiving social balance are (1) The Islamic State provides equal opportunities for all members of the society to work, develop and utilise their powers.

(2) The Islamic State endeavours to lift up the standard of the poor, on one hand, while it closes the revenues and causes of capital inflation, on the other.

This action would limit and gradually converge the gap between the poor and rich people, which prevent any class-consciousness.

There are many examples by which the Islamic State secures social balance in the society. It has been already mentioned that a large sum of the national economy is taken under collective and State ownership.

Adapted from: "Economic Sysytem in Islam Compared with Capitalism and Socialism" by: "Abdul Husain Muhammad"

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