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Introducing Fatima (s.a.)

Introducing Fatima (peace be upon her) as it really is, seems difficult. We can just state what is related to her external aspects and then commence introducing her from this viewpoint:

1. Her Descent:

Her name is Fatima (peace be upon her), her father, Mohammed (peace be upon him and his descendants), the last Prophet, her mother: Khadijeh, entitled as the mother of orphans. Fatima (peace be upon her) was the fourth and the last daughter. Her titles are Zahra, Omme Abeeha that means the mother of her father, Zohreh, the mistress of the women of the worlds, and at last, a goddess in man’s form.

Her father was the messenger of Allah, a distinguished man and a unique character. Her mother Khadijeh was known as the mother of orphans, and had some other titles. But among them, she was fond of this title and all-out sample in achieving that title. Her mother is a woman that Allah has not dedicated a better one to the messenger, as Ayesheh quoted from the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants).

While the people blasphemised Mohammed (peace be upon him and his descendants) and made every endeavor to make him yield by means of economic sanctions, it was Khadijeh, who believed in and helped him with her own wealth. And at last, while everybody in that era had cut relation to Mohammed (peace be upon him and his descendants), it was Khadijeh, who kept contact with him and was even proud of that relation.

Fatima (peace be upon her) was begotten after forty days, passed in prayer and worship due to the fact that they wanted Fatima (peace be upon her) to be clean and continued her father’s mission. She consoled her Father’s sorrow and tried to remove the pain lines of his face.

She later must be the manifestation of all senses (of emotion), policies, and vehemence of the women’s rights, and a sample for them. She must reveal some unknown facts, their new duties as well as the eternal way of life for them.

2. Her Education:

She opened her eyes to this world in the fifth year of Prophetic mission, when Islam emerged in the house of revelation. The hand of a great coach like the Messenger was over her head, and the affection of a gracious mother was giving heat to her life. Owing to this fact, she was never polluted to sin.

She was just seven that her mother passed away, and left Fatima (peace be upon her)lonely. Her father, achieving the two main parts of parentship well made up the lack of motherhood affection.

She passed half of her life in Mecca beside the Messenger and the next half in Ali’s house in Medina. She was trained in revelation environment i.e. the Prophet’s house, and passed a part of her life in the house of the husband, who continued carrying the heavy load of the prophetic mission, that is Imamate. And that was Fatima’s happiness and prosperity to elevate her character in these two houses.

3. Her marriage:

Ali (peace be upon him) grew up in Fatima’s house [the house of Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants)], and they were trained under the supervision of the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants). When her marriage was posed, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) said that the situation of her marriage won’t be clear unless he receives revelation in this regard, and after that, Ali (peace be upon him) acted as a suitor, the Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) broke the silence and said: ”O, Ali, don’t be embarrassed, express your request.” Ali(a.s) said modestly and prudently, “I want to make your affection complete with marriage to Fatima.”

In this regard, it can be stated that if there existed no Ali (peace be upon him), there would exist no husband for Fatima (peace be upon her) , and vice versa. The Prophet (peace be upon him and his descendants) put Fatima’s hand into Ali’s, and the fruit of this marriage was some children, as Hasan, Hossein, Zeineb and Kolthum (a.s).

Adapted from the book: "Fatima (a.s) The Most Paramount Lady of Islam" by: "Dr. Ali Ghaemi"

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