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In the Eyes of the Prophet's Opponents

It is related that Abdullah ibn Abbas said: 'A group of infidels, who had formed a pact by swearing to oppose the Prophet, met at sunset at the Ka'bah 129 and said to each other:

'Send word to Muhammad and speak to him and argue with him until you leave him no excuse. So they sent someone who said to him: 'The nobles of your tribe have met so that they may address you so come to them.'

The Messenger of God came to them, while he was concerned for them; that they be guided and it was heavy upon him that they suffered [by virtue of being non-believers], then he sat with them.

They said: 'O Muhammad, we have sent for you so that we may address you. By God, we do not know of a man of the Arabs who has done to his tribe what you have done. You have insulted our forefathers, criticised our religion, slandered our gods, discredited our dreams, and shattered our unity. No mean deed remains which you have not done to us. If you have come with this speech seeking wealth then we will gather wealth for you until you are the wealthiest amongst us. If you seek rank with it then we will make you our chief. If you seek kingship then we will make you a king. If the Jinn that have possessed you have overcome you then we will pay for treatment until you are relieved of it. If you want a wife then we will marry you to the most beautiful girl of all the Arabs.'

The Messenger of God said to them: 'It is not like you say. I have not come to you with what I have come with, seeking wealth or honour or kingdom, but God has sent me to you as a Messenger and has sent down to me a book and has ordered that I be a herald of glad tidings and a warner. I have delivered the messages of my Lord and given you good

Almighty the House was later renovated by the Prophet Abraham. Some of the most important Hajj rituals are performed in the Grand Mosque that encompasses the Ka'bah, which includes circumambulation around it.

counsel. If you accept what I have brought then that will be to your good fortune in this world and the next, but if you reject then I will wait for the command of God and until He judges between me and you.'

They said: 'O Muhammad, if you will not accept what we have offered, then you know that there are none whose land is less constrained than ours or with less water or with a more difficult life, so ask your Lord who has sent you with what he has sent you to take away these mountains from us which confine us so that our land may be flat and let your Lord make rivers like those of Syria erupt in the land and let Him send back to us your forefathers including Qusayy ibn Kilab who was a master of truth so that we may ask him whether what you say is true or false. If they confirm you are truthful and you do as we ask then we will believe you and by this we will recognise your station in the sight of God and that he has sent you as a Messenger as you say.'

The Messenger of God said: 'It is not with this that I have been sent to you. I have only come to you from God with what He has sent me for and I have delivered to you that which I have been sent with. If you accept then it will be to your good fortune in this world and the next and if you reject then I will wait for the command of God and until He judges between me and you.'

They said: 'If you will not do this then choose between [the following]. Ask your Lord to send an angel who will confirm what you say and will repel us from you, and if not, then let Him make for you gardens and palaces and treasures of gold and silver which will relieve you of what we see you seeking; for you stand in the markets seeking a livelihood like the rest of us. By this we can recognise your virtue and station from your Lord if you are a messenger as you claim.'

The Prophet said: 'It is not for me to do this, I do not ask from my Lord but He is the one who has sent me as a bringer of tidings and as a warner and if you accept then that will be to your good fortune in this world and the next, and if you reject, then I will persevere by the command of God, and until he judges between me and you.'

They said: 'Then bring the sky down upon our heads as you have claimed that your Lord can do if he wishes.'

The Prophet said: 'That is for God, if He wishes to do that with you then He will.'

They said: 'O Muhammad, then your Lord did not know that we were going to sit with you and ask you what we have asked you so that He might teach you what you should do to divert us, or inform you what He would be doing to us if we do not accept what you have been sent to us with. We have heard that this is taught to you by a man in al-Yamamah named 'al-Rahman'. By God, we will never believe in this 'al-Rahman' ever. We have warned you O Muhammad, by God, we will not let you be for what you have done to us until we destroy you or you destroy us.'

Then the Messenger of God rose and left them for his family in sorrow and sadness for them. Then Nadr ibn Harith ibn Kaldah got up and said, "O Quraysh! By God you are gripped with an issue that you have not found a solution for. While Muhammad was a young man he was the most pleasant amongst you, the most truthful in speech, and the most trustworthy of all amongst you . . . he was so until you started to see the grey hair in his beard, and then he came with what he has come to you with. You said he is a sorcerer, but by God, he is not so, for we have seen the sorcerers and we know the traits and tricks. Then you said he is a poet, whereas we have heard the poems and their various categories. Then you said he is crazy, but by God, he is not mad for we have seen madness . . . O Quraysh! Look into this affair of yours, for by God a matter of great importance has descended upon you.


129. Ka'bah is the symbolic House of God located in the holy city of Mecca, which was first built by the Prophet Adam.

Adopted from the book : "The Prophet Muhammad; a Mercy to the World" by : "Ayatullah Muhammad Sadiq al-Shirazi"

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