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Imam's Marriage Ummul Fazl

After Kazi Yahya Bin Aksam's shameful defeat, Bani Abbasi had no choice but accept Mamoon's proposal to make Imam Muhammad Taqi (A.S.) his son-in-law.

A grand-scale marriage ceremony was arranged. First Imam Taqi (A.S.) read the 'Nikah'. He fixed "marriage-price" (Mahar) of 500 dirhams, following the example of the Prophet (S.A.W.W.) who had fixed 'Mahar' of Hazrat Fatima (A.S.) at 500 dirhams.

After the "Nikah" ceremony, everybody who was present had his beard perfumed.

Expensive gifts of gold and bags of money were given out by Mamoon in honour of this marriage. This occasion has been described in some details by Sheikh Mufid in Al-Irshad from where I now quote:

"… Three trays of silver were brought. On them were nuggets of musk and kneaded saffron. N the middle of nuggets were pieces of parchment on which was written considerable wealth, annual income and estates.

Al-Mamun ordered them to be scattered among the courtiers… Bags containing ten thousand dirhams were put down and their contents scattered among the military leaders and others. The people departed and they were rich as a result of the gifts and salaries…"

Adapted from the book: "Biography Of Imam Muhammad Bin Ali (A.S.) - Al-Taqi" by: "M. Dungersi Ph.D"

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