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Imam Zayn al-Abidin (A.S.), the Courageous

In his childhood, Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein (a.s) once fell very ill. Like any father, his father too showed affection towards him and asked, “How are you feeling my son? Is there anything you wish to have so that I can provide you with it?” As a small child, he (a.s) responded, “O father! My wish is only one that Allah (SWT) should place me amongst those who are ever pleased and satisfied with whatever He destines for them”.

Thereupon his father embraced him and said, “You have indeed spoken words of Ma’rifah. Your answer is similar to that of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s). When Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) was thrown into fire (by Nimrood), Jibrael met and asked him if he had any wish to which Ibrahim replied: ‘Indeed but not from you’”. (Chauda Sitaare)

His Courage

After the event of Karbala, once Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein (a.s) went for Hajj. Whilst performing tawaaf, Abdulmalik bin Marwan happened to be behind the Imam. Disappointed that the Imam had ignored him, he called out the Imam and said, “O son of the Prophet! Have I killed your father that you do not turn and even look at me?” Imam (a.s) responded, “O Abdulmalik! Those who killed my father are paying dearly for it in the hereafter, do you desire the same for yourself?” The Umayyad caliph was silent for a while and then said, “I did not mean this! What I meant is that if you stayed closer to me, you would most certainly find me generous in my wealth towards you”. Upon hearing this, the Imam (a.s) threw his cloak on the floor and turning towards Ka’bah, said, “O Allah! Fill this for me”. Abdulmalik saw that the cloak of Imam was suddenly filled with precious pearls which the Imam (a.s) took and distributed them to the needy muslims. Then turning towards Abdulmalik, he said, “O Abdulmalik! We do not need your wealth for Allah is our sole Provider”. (Dam’at al-Sakibah)

His Sermons to Kufians

When the Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) were brought into Kufa as captives, Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein (a.s) delivered a sermon addressing the people of Kufa. He (a.s) began by praising and glorifying Allah (SWT) and saluted the Holy Prophet (saww). Thereafter, he (a.s) said, “O people! Whoever recognizes me knows me and whoever does not, let me tell him that I am Ali son of Hussein son of Ali bin Abi Talib. I am the son of the man whose sanctity was violated, whose wealth was plundered and whose children have been seized. I am the son of the one who was slaughtered by the Euphrates in worst manner. This suffices me to be proud.

Did you not write to my father and then deceive him? Did you not swear an oath of allegiance to him and then fought him? May you be ruined ! How will you face the messenger of Allah when he tells you: You killed my progeny, violated my sanctity, so you do not belong to my nation!”

The effect of this sermon was such that the people of Kufa began to cry loudly and said to each other, “You are perished yet you are not aware of it!”. (Karbala and Beyond)

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Imam-e-Zamana (AJ) and to all the Shia’hs and followers of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s) on the martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein (a.s).

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