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Imam Sajjad's (a.s.) Marriages

The Imam's first wife was his cousin, the daughter of Imam Hassan (A.S). Her name was Fatima. She was a very pious person. She was the mother our fifth Imam, Hazrat Muhammad Baqir (A.S).

It is reported that once she was sitting leaning against the wall. All of a sudden, the wall began to fall on her. She called out saying. "O wall, by the honour of the Messenger of Allah you have no permission to fall down right know" and the wall stood still. She moved away only then did the wall fall. She then gave in charity 100 currencies.

Other than Imam Muhammed Baqir (A.S), he had from this marriage, three other sons whose names were Abd Allah, Al-Hassan and Al-Husain.

According to Sheikh Mufid, besides Lady Fatima, he had as his wives, at different times, several slave-girls. The main reason behind these marriage was to raise the position of these helpless women who had become slaves because of wars. By giving them a place in his house, he gave them a way to live a life of independence and honor. For these ladies gave birth to children who became part of Imam's family. For example, Hazrat Zaid, who came to be known as Zaid the martyr, was born from a slave girl from Sindh (India) called Huriya.

Adopted from the book : "A Brief Biography of Ali bin Husain (a.s.)" by : "Muhammad Reza Dungersi Ph.D"

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